12 Days of Christmas

Don’t know which experience session you would like to go for yet? We’ve put all our featured tutors together for you to take a good look! Sports, Fitness, Music, Academics! You name it, we have it!


Register your interest for any of these tutors by 15th January! It is completely free, and will only take you less than a minute!

Please click on the links below to sign-up for the subject or interest that you want to learn from each tutor!

  1. Personal Trainer : Mo El — https://tueetor-moelshennawi.hscampaigns.com/
  2. Japanese Language : Hua Hsing Lee https://tueetor-leehuahsing.hscampaigns.com/
  3. Tennis : Spencer Lim https://tueetor-spencerlim.hscampaigns.com/
  4. Bollywood Modern Dance : Ms Balinder — https://tueetor-balinder.hscampaigns.com/
  5. Biology Teacher : Ms Fiza — https://tueetor-msfiza.hscampaigns.com/
  6. Swimming Coach : Keen Roger Goh — https://tueetor-rogerkeengoh.hscampaigns.com/
  7. Adobe Photoshop Expert : Milton Lai — https://tueetor-miltonlai.hscampaigns.com/
  8. Piano Teacher : Karina Lou —  https://tueetor-karinalou.hscampaigns.com/
  9. Soccer coach : Shane Tan —  https://tueetor-shanetan.hscampaigns.com/
  10. Kickboxing Instructore : Calvin Ng — https://tueetor-calvinng.hscampaigns.com/
  11. Table Tennis Coach : Jorge P. — https://tueetor.com/blog/tueetor-jorgep/
  12. Yoga instructors : OUTnamaste — https://tueetor.com/blog/tueetor-outnamaste/