About Tueetor

No referral fee. No middleman. No waiting time.

Tueetor is the world’s first, fully automated learner-trainer matching platform, an online marketplace leveraging on location-based technology. It lowers the costs and know-how involved in the broadcasting of one’s education needs and offers. Learners and trainers just have to submit online the subject, level; their qualification, teaching experience, rates and location, and Tueetor will match them automatically, instantly, 24×7. From creating a user account to adding a subject, to getting notified of a match — it takes less than 2 minutes.

Tueetor is for all learners and trainers, students, teachers, tutors, and instructors. The aim is to create a more affordable, accessible and inclusive education climate. Other than the typical academic subjects, users who are interested in teaching or learning other skillsa language, any sport, an instrument, a specific genre of dance, utility of a software, education support for special needs children – can find a connection through Tueetor.

As a trainer or tutor, there are no repeated documents to submit, long review processes to follow, unreasonable expectations to meet such as rate, schedule and subject. You have full control of who, what, when and where you wish to teach. No middleman, no referral fees.

As a hirer or student, you get to communicate with the trainer directly and in a mode you feel most comfortable with. No one-sided market rates (set by one middleman), terms and conditions to put up with, and no one is there to rush you into a decision. You have absolute freedom in hiring: who, when, where and how. No waiting time, instant confirmation.


To provide a platform where learners could engage honest, caring and competent trainers, and such learned, skilled individuals may reciprocate — fast, easy and direct. 

So, have we sufficiently piqued your interest? Sign up and start posting your subjects today!