4 Affordable Classes In Singapore Under $50


A new decade calls for a knowledge and skills upgrade. In 2020, we’re recommending some of the best classes and workshops for you to start off your year with a new trick up your sleeve.

And yes, they’re all available for the cheap price of $50 and under!

Finally Start Exercising in 2020: Zumba Classes

Image from DanceSport Academy

How many times have you signed up for a fitness class package, only to give up within 2 weeks? Here’s a quick tip: don’t start with the 10-class package just to save a few dollars off each class, as you’ll need to complete at least 70% of the package to save any money in the end. Instead, try out an affordable trial class and ensure that you’re sufficiently excited about taking another class, before spending on a package.

And what exercise could be more fun than an introductory Zumba class? After all, 15 million weekly participants around the globe can’t be wrong. This Latin-inspired dance and workout helps you to work up a sweat to music and is the perfect class to attend with your friends! You’re going to be surprised by how quickly a one-hour class can just fly by.

As there are many Zumba providers, you can find classes at a variety of prices, but we’re partial to this one by DanceSport Academy, selling at just $16.20 (a full 10% off retail prices!) on Coursaver.

Pick Up A Martial Art: Affordable Taekwondo Lessons

Image from Global Taekwondo Academy

Let’s be honest: Everyone should be familiar with the basics of a martial art, whether it be Boxing, MMA, Muay Thai, or Aikido. Self-defence is no joke, especially if you’re especially vulnerable.

Don’t just learn moves from YouTube videos and call it a day – sign up for a class to ensure you’re using the correct muscle and having the right impact. Practically-speaking, you can prevent injuries only through proper coaching and training techniques.

To find the right coach and martial art, shop around for trial classes to experience the environment, but we want to recommend this one from our partner, Global Taekwondo Academy, which is tailored for teens and adults. Selling at a relatively affordable price and available at three locations, you can try it for just $36 (reduced from $40, only on Coursaver!).

Make Your Own: Rubber Stamp, Tote Bag, or Leather Key Pouch

Image from Crafty Fox

We hope you’re as inspired by our ‘5 Easy Ways to Save the Environment Now’ post as we are; we’ve already incorporated metal straws, reusable cups and Tupperware into our habits!

Next up, we’re looking to make more of our own products, from mending our own clothes to crafting our own pouches, etc. If you’re on the same page, or just looking to learn some arts and crafts in 2020, we have some ideas for you to start.

Yes, you could do pottery or a full-on sewing class, but that usually requires several sessions to complete (and are more expensive). In comparison, making your own leather key-pouch, no-sew tote bag, or a unique rubber stamp is much simpler, and can be completed within a few hours.

Check out this affordable Rubber Stamping workshop, Tote-making workshop, and Leather Key-Pouch making class, each under $50 on Coursaver!

Connect With Traditional Dance: Dikirbarat or Kompang

Image from Kompanghut

Traditional performing arts and performances have become more and more important as we try to connect with our past and ancestry. Instead of passively watching yet another performance, why not take part in learning how to do the Dikirbarat or play the Kompang?

While you may know the former as a competitive Malay performing art and the latter as part of the procession that accompanies the bride and groom at Malay weddings, how much do you understand about the history and significance of each?

Take part in these one-off classes by Kompanghut, and learn Dikirbarat movements & techniques, or take home the skill of playing the Kompang beats! Both these educational and interactive courses are available on Coursaver, for just $45 (reduced from $50!).

Find these classes, and many other affordable ones, on Coursaver now, where prices are at least 10% below regular retail prices!