Diving Straight Into Adventure

Always thought about picking up diving? I don’t blame you – there’s a whole new world under the sea! How can you resist when the views are magical 👇

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But I’m here to tell you NOT TO pick up diving! I’m not kidding, I went for DiveDegree’s dive tryout and here are 6 reasons why you should not learn how to dive.

Reason #1: I’m not Ariel, I can’t breathe underwater

Try as we might, unless we magically transform into mermaids, I don’t think we would ever learn how to breathe underwater. So… how are we going to survive scuba diving to check out this colourful world underwater? Fret not, DiveDegree has just the answer for you.

Dive Degree diver underwater

Image courtesy of DiveDegree.

That’s right: an air tank and the appropriate equipment will allow you to scuba dive while breathing normally. The air tank is filled with atmospheric air, meaning that it’s the same composition (78% nitrogen gas and 21% oxygen gas) as the air we usually breathe in.

Underwater divers with bubbles

Image courtesy of DiveDegree.

The bubbles are fun. I was pleasantly surprised at how much bubbles I can produce underwater.

Reason #2: How do I talk without getting water into my mouth?

Who said anything about talking underwater? With the regulator in your mouth, there is no way to speak underwater. Besides, have you tried opening your mouth underwater? Gross.

Instead, what DiveDegree will teach you is the universal signs used by scuba divers all around the world. What language barrier? Diving is a language understood globally!

Want to know the signs for sea turtle, octopus, or shark?

How to sign turtle

You’ll also get to learn how to communicate other things like ascending, running out of air etc.

Reason #3: What about the heavy military tank I have to carry on my back?

Do you think about the burden of the air tank and diving gear on your shoulders? Before I went for the diving try-out, that was one of my concerns as well. I might be a big person but I’m not exactly a strong person.

But if Devi (one of the smallest girls in the Tueetor office!) can handle the scuba diving equipment on her own, then so can you. Look at her go! She is Tueetor’s very own strong mermaid.

Devi carrying heavy scuba diving equipment

Reason #4: I’m blind as a bat without my glasses

So am I!

My world turns into foggy grey mush whenever I am not wearing my glasses. Hence my dilemma: should I wear my new monthly contacts to dive and throw them out or go without and become blind as a bat?

A pair of spectacles

Image courtesy of Pexels.

Scuba diving mask

Image courtesy of Freepik.

Turns out, short-sightedness + underwater refraction = the best match in heaven! There wasn’t a need for me to wear contacts because being submerged in water allowed me to see clearly with just a normal pair of googles. Instead of seeing foggy grey mush, everything was in 1080 HD sharp blue.

Reason #5: I don’t know how to swim

No swimming skills? No problem. Diving is about sinking anyway.

I have absolutely no idea how to swim and was scared to death about the try-out. The only redeeming factor was that I was not afraid of water. In fact, I am in love with the sea and I want to be a mermaid when I grow up (if you can’t guess my favourite Disney princess, I’ll be very disappointed)!

Image courtesy of Pexels.

Image courtesy of Pexels.

Jack, our trainer from DiveDegree, mentioned that he had trained non-swimmers before and they took very well to water and diving. And he said I did quite well underwater, even without knowing how to swim! Thank you, Jack ❤️

So, would knowing to swim be a pre-requisite to learning diving? I would say NO. You can learn how to dive without learning how to swim; they are two very different skills anyway.

Reason #6: What can I do after I learn how to dive? Aren’t all the good diving spots overseas?

Worried about not having anything to do with your diving skills?

Try some of the best Singapore’s diving spots!

#1: Sisters’ Island Marine Park

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#2 Pulau Salu

Or you can join DiveDegree’s expeditions to explore beyond the shores of Singapore! Check out what else DiveDegree offers via http://tueetor.com/divedegree.