Tueetor – a self-serve, fully-automated, location-based EdTech platform announced that it is part of the inaugural batch of 5 startups chosen to participate in the Grab Ventures Velocity (GVV) Program, a scale-up program, launched by Grab, Southeast Asia’s leading online-to-offline (O2O) mobile platform.

A 2-year old homegrown startup, Tueetor now boasts some 12,000+ trainers on its platform which include schools, academies and centres. For the GVV Program, we will showcase a specially curated suite of courses which range from academic to non-academic subject categories on our Grab-exclusive booking micro site. This will provide a completely seamless experience tailored to spontaneous consumers, fitting perfectly into Grab users’ multi-device on-demand lifestyle.

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Says Mr Tan Han Sing, Founder and CEO of Tueetor,“The Tueetor team is excited about our participation in the GVV Program. As Mr Anthony Tan, Group CEO and Co-Founder of Grab, has said, this is in-line with their wider mission of driving South-East Asia forward digitally. And as Grab’s first EdTech program participant, we are now able to move forward our dream of realizing the world’s largest education economy. We started with home markets of Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and now with Grab, we look to continue to revolutionise on-demand skills-upgrading and our involvement in the education space with the availability of Tueetor’s product offerings on Grab.”

The inaugural Grab x Tueetor basket of course offerings boast activities such as robotics courses, creative writing classes, Math classes, Phonics classes, yoga, swim, music, Muay Thai, boxing lessons and even sewing workshops. Workshops range in fees starting from S$1.00 through S$288, from singular, one-time workshops/lessons to a term’s worth.

Here’s a curated list of Tueetor’s partners that are offering you some fantastic promotions (and how it really looks on Grab so you won’t miss them):

  1. S$313 for 12 MARTIAL ARTS sessions

    presented by The Jungle 

MMA by The Jungle

The Jungle x Tueetor promo on Grab

Pay only S$313 for 12 sessions at The Jungle – plus you get to pick and choose from Muay Thai, Boxing, H.I.I.T., MMA, Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Kickboxing!

  1. S$215 for 12 SWIMMING lessons

    presented by The Aquatics Project 

Swimming by The Aquatics Project

The Aquatics Project x Tueetor promo on Grab

Pay only S$215 for 12 sessions by The Aquatics Project – that’s less than S$18 a session to learn an essential lifeskill!

  1. S$225 for a ROBOTICS course 

    presented by ADV. Training Academy 

Robotics by ADV. Training Academy

ADV. Training Academy x Tueetor promo on Grab

Pay only S$225 for a course at ADV. Training Academy – plus get a free robot worth S$100!

  1. S$375 for a 3-Day MUSICAL THEATRE workshop

    presented by Académie of Stars

Musical Theatre Workshop by Académie of Stars

Académie of Stars x Tueetor promo on Grab

Pay only S$375 for a 3-day workshop by Académie of Stars, meals included – plus you get to stage an actual performance!

  1. S$200 for 4 CREATIVE WRITING classes 

    presented by Learning Journey Education Centre 

Creative Writing by Learning Journey

Learning Journey x Tueetor promo on Grab

Pay only S$200 for 4 creative writing classes at Learning Journey Education Centre – for P3 & P4 students!


Course Listing of all Tueetor partner promotions

Course Listing of all Tueetor promotions via Grab

What are the other rewarding promotions that our partners are giving? 

Sakamoto Educational Systems x Tueetor promo

6. S$1 ONLY registration fee (usual price S$20) for Mathematics classes presented by Sakamoto Educational Systems

Music for Young Children x Tueetor promo

7. S$1 ONLY Enrollment Package fee (usual price S$30) for Piano lessons presented by Music for Young Children            

Fashion Makerspace x Tueetor promo

8. S$20 for a 2-hour introduction to Sewing presented by Fashion Makerspace 

Public Speaking Academy x Tueetor promo

9. S$29 for Speech Excellence Programme presented by Public Speaking Academy 

Axe Factor x Tueetor promo

10. S$68 for Axe Throwing training + VR experience (for 3 pax) presented by Axe Factor 

ISkate x Tueetor promo

11. S$80 for Inline Skating lessons (for up to 4 pax) presented by ISkate 

Iyengar Yoga x Tueetor promo

14. S$288 for 8 Yoga sessions to relieve back pain presented by Iyengar Yoga 

Where exactly on the Grab app is the Tueetor widget? 

Launch the Grab app on your mobile phone. On the main page, keep scrolling until you see the section “Get Your Resolutions Started”. 

Don’t have the Grab app? Click here

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