3 Steps. 2 Minutes. 1 Promise.

2 Minutes - Photo by Agê Barros on Unsplash

Education Platform – 1 Promise, 3 Simple Steps

Tueetor, an education platform, gives you 1 Promise. Be on your way to learn a new skill, or find a student to impart yours in 3 Steps! This will take you only less than 2 Minutes!

Step 1 – Register

Sign up for a Tutor or Student account via in less than 1 minute, completely free!

We also offer a premium subscription (T.Pak) for tutors that would like additional toolsets to look for more students. For tutors that sign up before 14th February 2017, as an invitation for you to try out our platform, we are giving away 3 months of premium subscription, worth $45, 100% free – no purchase required, no conditions attached. Furthermore, we don’t collect any payment information, so no obligations to continue your premium subscription if you find it unnecessary.

Step 2 – Add Subject

What do you want to learn? What can you teach? Tell us what you need under 30 seconds.

Are you looking for a Swimming, Piano or Ballet teacher for your kid? Have you always wanted to skip reading subtitles when you’re watching your Korean Tv shows? Want to up your networking game by learning Golf or Tennis? Or you have thoughts about learning a certain programming language just because too many jobs out there are tech-related? Maybe you are starting a business and want an experienced mentor to give you some advices? Find that person on Tueetor.

Are you a university student who has a flexible schedule and would love to teach your favourite sport? Maybe you are a talented musician who wants to impart your musical skills for some extra income? Have you always wanted to teach your seasoned cooking and baking skills because you have so much spare time as a stay-home mother? Have you got plenty of experiences to share and want to coach someone else to become successful? Find your students on Tueetor.

Tueetor offers more than 250 subjects on our platform. Besides the typical academic subjects, users who are interested in teaching or learning other skills – a language, any sport, an instrument, a specific genre of dance, utility of a software, education support for special needs children – can find a connection through Tueetor.

Subject not there? Don’t fret! Because you can request to add a new subject!

Step 3 – Get Notified

We find you someone in 5 seconds!

Once you’ve added a subject, our fully-automated system will inform you on suitable candidates, if any, in seconds. Worry not if there are none. Because your subject information is propagated in our database and map, you should receive enquiries from students very soon!

Don’t believe us? Check out our video!