A Good Primary Math Tutor Will Do These 3 Things

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For some students, mathematics is one of the most challenging subjects in school. If you were one of them, you’d probably remember finding it hard to sustain interest, or worse disliking the subject altogether. This is probably why many primary school students find that having a primary math tutor is helpful for them. Personalised tutoring comes in useful to prevent that downward spiral, because lessons are tailor-made according to the learner’s needs.

How do you find the right primary math tutor for your child? Each child is different and each student has a different learning style.

Sometimes the math whiz who has won many competitions may not be the best teacher. Even a teacher who has decades of experience may not be the right primary math tutor for your child. Qualifications and teaching experience are definitely important but it’s helpful to also look at how the teacher connects to your child.

Teaching and learning are part of the social process. Students enjoy learning from a teacher who has developed a connection with them. Look out for these three signs in the primary math tutor you engaged for your child.

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1. Does your primary math tutor teach in a way that your child understands?

It doesn’t matter how much the tutor teaches. What is important is how much the student is able to understand.

A good primary math tutor will be able to assess your child’s learning capacity, knowledge of math concepts, and adjust the lesson accordingly.

A lapse in understanding is usually due to cognitive leaps. This means that important parts that link the entire concept were not grasped or mastered. When this happens, the teacher has to break the concept down, help the student to understand each part, and put them together as a whole.

2. Does your primary math tutor expect good work from your child?

Learners rise (and fall) to the expectations placed on them. A student that has teachers who believe in his capabilities tend to rise to the opportunity to do better.

A good primary math tutor is someone who expects good results or good work from your child without being overly strict or harsh. To motivate the student, the tutor has to be able to set appropriate expectations and believe that it’s within the student’s ability to meet them.

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3. Does your primary math tutor work through a problem with your child?

We often ask for a tutor with patience, especially for a learner who is slower or weak in the subject. In many cases, it means that we want a teacher who is willing to work through every single step of a problem with the student.

The right primary math tutor for your child will ensure that he is involved in the learning process by working out the solution together instead of simply supplying the answers.

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