Fear of Public Speaking? 4 Tips for Amateur Speakers

Does speaking in front of an audience give you the jitters?

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Did you know that fear of public speaking is called Glossophobia?

Public speaking is scary, we get it. But public speaking cannot be avoided. It is one of the most efficient ways of getting our message across, whether we’re pitching an idea or communicating a plan.

What can we do to hone this very important skill? Our public speaking trainers on Tueetor reveal their tips for you to improve public speaking.

1. Know your audience


Your message is for them, not you. Learn as much about your listeners as you can, either from their professional bios or through a pre-event poll. This will help you to craft a message that your audience will want to listen to.

Personal development coach Neal Jha says, “Make sure you understand what your audience is looking for. Have a couple of evaluatory sessions and chats with them to see what they really are looking for.” Neal Jha works as a global sourcing analyst while his passion for community development spurs him on to mentor and coach others.

2. It’s okay to be nervous!


Everyone feels a degree of anxiety before speaking in public. The best way to overcome anxiety is to prepare, practise, and practise some more.

Instead of wishing the anxiety away or trying to calm down, you could re-direct the anxious energy to positive energy. The adrenaline rush will help you to be alert and ready to do your best.

3. Tell stories

Courtesy of Syed D Jailani

One of the best ways to connect to the audience is to tell a story. A story can be in the form of a personal experience, a customer’s experience, or an anecdote you heard from another speaker.

“Share your personal story. It has to be relevant to the topic, of course. And inject some humour!” says Syed D Jailani, a trainer and coach with more than a decade of experience as a director in the corporate world.


4. Use the right visual aids

Before you start preparing Powerpoint slides, think about why this is necessary or beneficial. Consider other forms of visuals or props that would be more effective for your presentation, like videos, hand-outs, and live demonstrations.

Public speaking trainer Syed D Jailani says, “Show visuals, especially videos with a good story.”

With practice and training, you can improve public speaking and become a good communicator of your ideas. Hire a public speaking coach to mentor you on this journey.

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