The iGroup (Asia Pacific) Limited, is a Hong Kong registered multinational organisation with offices spanning 14 countries in the Asia Pacific region and with a total staff force of over 1000.

Singapore, August 12, 2016 — iGroup (Asia Pacific) Ltd, a leading provider of research information resources and library technologies has partnered Tueetor Pte Ltd, a technology start-up in Singapore, to launch the world’s first, fully automated learner-trainer matching platform.

Focusing on the private tuition market for a start, the company aims to address 2 pain points many parents face in their children’s education: affordability and accessibility.

Unlike yesteryears, private tuition today is no longer considered a luxury, said Mr. Tan Han Sing, Tueetor’s Executive Director based in Singapore. It is a supplement that helps students stay in line. This is especially so in our ultra-competitive Asian societies. And according to the figures by Forbes, North America and Europe are catching up too.

In essence, Tueetor is a free, online marketplace that matches learners and trainers based on a set of criteria they submit subject, level, qualification, teaching experience, rate/budget; preferred time and location automatically, 24×7. Users get notified instantly on the positive outcome, and decide if they should continue shopping, or contact the candidates direct or via its built-in messaging platform. No human is involved in the end-to-end matching process, ensuring 100% confidentiality and neutrality. Learners may also rely on its authenticated review system to help make informed decisions.

No middleman, no waiting time, no referral fees.

Tueetor automates the 5 manual chores of a course broker document, filter, select, engage and review allowing both learners and trainers to find each other better and quicker. Users are totally in control of their subject preferences, from qualification to fee to location, thereby creating choices and flexibility. added Mr. Tan. The end result: more affordable and accessible education. And by education, we do not mean just academic ones. Users interested in teaching or learning language, sports, arts, music, dance; providing or receiving care for special needs children, will also find the same benefits if not more, connecting to each other on Tueetor.

In the next 2 years, Tueetor plans to move into other Asia Pacific markets such as Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Shanghai and more cities in China. It has also set its sight on Japan and South Korea the world’s largest private education market by value. A mobile app, available in both iOS and Android, will also be launched in the next 3 months, providing additional thrust to the expansion drive.

Tueetor’s vision: To be the world’s number 1 course broker minus the broker.

Mr. Pote Lee (right) and Mr. Tan Han Sing, seen here after the agreement signing ceremony at Water Library, Bangkok.

When asked why he invested in Tueetor, Mr. Pote Lee, founder of iGroup based in Thailand, said, We believe in education, particularly in how it shapes individuals and societies for the better. Tueetor lowers the cost and technological barrier involved in broadcasting one’s educational offers and needs. People may now pursue skills, knowledge that improves the quality of their lives, and the lives of others faster, easier. It’s crowdsourcing at its best.

Speaking passionately at one of his fine dining restaurants: Water Library in Bangkok, Mr. Lee both a well respected business leader and philanthropist in the local community is confident that Tueetor will take us one step closer to that reality. We have in place certification, bursary and scholarship programs to better our odds. We hope to produce more athletes, artists, musicians, scientists thinkers and doers that make a positive difference in our society. And as a corporate citizen, nothing gives us greater pleasure than giving back to the very society that has made our business possible.

Tueetor is accessible 24×7, absolutely free at It will be launched progressively in the 16 countries iGroup operates. If you are interested in bringing Tueetor to your community, or integrate Tueetor technology in any way, you may contact its media representative listed below.

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