Learning from Singapore Book Fair 2017: An Intern contemplates

Sometimes the most profound of experiences come from the places you least expect them to come from. This could not be truer if I were to talk about my first week at Tueetor as an intern.

Now, most interns or anyone for that matter show up to work at an office on their very first day. But that was not to be the case for me.

See, my day started in the office, but ended amidst visitors flocking the Singapore Book Fair at Suntec Convention Centre. My task was pretty straightforward; talk to anyone and everyone who visited our booth and tell them about Tueetor. I’d be lying if I say I was not overwhelmed. I’d never done something like this before. Going up to strangers and striking up a conversation regarding Tueetor was initially awkward and also, somewhat difficult. But as the time progressed, things picked up pace. True, there were people who ignored my attempts to start conversations with them, but the eager parents, inquisitive adults and curious kids definitely brought a smile on my face.

Over the next three days I helped in manning the Tueetor booth, much different than what I thought I’d be doing sitting in front of my PC screen on an office chair. Spreading the message of multifaceted learning and showcasing Tueetor’s platform to the general public, I learnt tremendously about the place that I was working for. I understood that working at a growing company did not involve a typical desk job. Rather, it required a sense of passion to propagate the message of the company to a wider audience. One of the ways that Tueetor did this was through workshops it organised for the visitors of the book fair. Our premium partner Little Art Connoisseur, and Tueetor user Lyssy engaged visitors through insightful workshops on Watercolour painting and Modern Brush Calligraphy.

Here I am with part of the Tueetor AmbassadorTeam

Standing for eight hours straight in a day was tiring. My legs ached and my back hurt, but my mind kept telling me that this would all be worth it. It was. Not only had I come out of my comfort zone by doing something new, but in that experience, I had taken away with me pivotal lessons regarding people engagement and being as professional as I could no matter what the situation was.

As the unexpected and hectic first week at work came to an end, I came to realise that this could not have gone any better. By immersing myself at Tueetor’s participation at the Singapore book fair, I got a fair sense of the company’s culture and more importantly the direction in which it’s heading.

I thoroughly look forward to what other unexpected learning experiences Tueetor has in store for me over the coming weeks!

Anuraj Singh Rawat, Intern #1

Anuraj is a year 2 engineering student from NUS. When he is not stressing about university, Anuraj can be found playing badminton or finding his way through Medium engaging with bloggers. Through his passion for entrepreneurship, Anuraj hopes that he can one day give back to society. He wants to leave a positive impact on the world.