Learners’ Testimonial: Chloe Bares it All

The start of the school year brings about a whirlwind of activity for every parent. The inevitable scramble for the correct textbooks, a complete set of stationery, proper school uniforms (all ironed and crease-free!). And if your child is in one of the “crucial” years – PSLE, ‘O’-Levels, or ‘A’- Levels, stress levels for parents can rocket while searching for the best tutor for your children.

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Of course, every parent wants their child to do well in the all-important standardised examinations. But it’s also important that your child is happy with having tuition (i.e. more work). It is paradoxical if tuition ends up stressing out your kid even more!

If you’re in search for some kind of middle ground between tuition and making sure your child is happy, take some time to hear Chloe out! Even though she might be just twelve years of age, she’s got some wisdom mojo going for her. Writing to her mother, Cecilia of Tueetor, the young girl discusses her tutors throughout the years, as well as gives advice to her peers.

This is her no-holds-barred take on tuition:


“The last time I had any meaningful tuition was with the nicest Math teacher I’ve ever known. That was 2 years ago, in 2016. Her name was Teacher Diane. I am not counting the previous Math tutor Mr. Tan from 2017. He was this intimidating teacher who seemed irritated with us all the time. He also taught us methods which we couldn’t get – and when I made mistakes, and don’t get his methods, he showed his frustrations and exasperations. Mr. Tan didn’t scold us, but it was all in his face, the way he talked to us. That’s why I felt like I was wasting my time, and at the same time wasting your money, mom.

Teacher Diane was different. She was not the type who judged and she never made me feel like I was anything less when I made mistakes, or don’t really get any of the methods. She made me feel safe, like with her body language, her facial expressions and all. Like I could share with her any of the mistakes I’ve made in school and not feel judged by her at all. And I also started sharing more than just school stuff. I shared about my life, and she’d always got good advice for me. She was willing to listen to me, and most importantly, she was more of a friend to me than a teacher. She made me feel that way, that’s why I could improve so quickly under her. It’s just so sad she couldn’t continue teaching me anymore.

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Chloe playing with her cat

When you sent me to Aunty Pat (for English), she gave me a safe feeling too, like Teacher Diane. She was also the non-judgmental type. However, it was stressful going for her lessons, because she had all these other students I didn’t know. It was stressful for me, maybe ‘cause I’m an introvert. You didn’t know this before, but I really don’t like working with other kids – I need to have my own space when I study or when I do work. But because you said Aunty Pat’s always fully booked, I had no choice.

Aunty Pat helps because she hammers stuff into my brain. She’s good at giving me encouragement and guiding me with helping words, and that makes the difference in my English grade. For that, I’m happy to maybe make do with the stress of being in a group lesson. So I’m ok with that arrangement, I guess.

Mom also found me a tutor from Tueetor.com, Teacher Sebastian, and he has given me more than 1 aha moment. (An aha-moment is like when I didn’t realise it would be that easy to solve the Math problem that way.) So for 2.5 Aha moments vs Teacher Diane’s 100+, I would give Teacher Sebastian a chance to catch up to Teacher Diane, okay, mom?

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All I want to say to my friends who may be reading this: If you don’t want to have tuition, if you don’t want to deal with all these teachers who would just give you additional stress and get in the way of your real studying, just tell your parents. Tell them the truth, like I did. Remember Mr. Tan? And if you want to prove to your parents you don’t need tuition? Then just self-study. Self-educate. Like how I did with my Math. Get good. Get better. If you don’t want that, approach your school teachers.

And that’s my truthful take on tuition. Chloe, over and out.”

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