Why Learning Something New Every Day Benefits You More Than You Realise


As children, we learn something new every day.

As adults, can we say the same?

Working in a routine job can be so comfortable that we settle into complacency. Learning can seem like a thing of the past, something that we had to do as young students in school.

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If we can put aside our preconceived notions that learning is time-consuming or boring, learning actually brings with it a myriad of benefits. The importance of learning something new cannot be overstated.

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1) Learning something new exercises our brain.

We know by now that our brain needs exercise in order to stay sharp and alert. Regular brain exercises help your brain to improve memory and thinking skills. One way to exercise the brain is to learn new things.

Take a cooking class and learn to prepare a new cuisine. Pick up a new hobby that refines your fine-motor skills, like knitting, drawing, or painting. Learn a new sport, which revitalises both mind and body, such as golf, muay thai, aikido, or tennis.

2) Learning something new makes us happier.

Cultivating a strong sense of well-being is important for mental and emotional wellness. Your psychological well-being is boosted when you learn something new, more so when it is something you want to learn about.

So choose something you want to learn, not something you must learn or think you should. Base your decision on your current interest, not solely on career progression or professional development. Having something new that you’re passionate about will only make you more focused and happy.

3) Learning something new makes us more interesting.

For one, you’ll always have something to talk about at parties and gatherings.

And secondly, learning fuels creativity. Creative people are creative because they connected various experiences to produce something that is interesting. Learning new things is a type of experience that can trigger new ideas and lead to increased creativity.

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