March School Holidays Activities for Kids Under 12

March Holiday - Photo by Hisu lee on Unsplash

The March School Holidays are almost upon us!


Here are 5 ideas to make it a fun and meaningful one.

While there are plenty of programmes out there to keep your kids occupied all week long, there are also activities which your child can participate in at a location near you.

1. Learn a new instrument


Even if your child has learned music previously, he may be thrilled to try his hand at a new instrument or musical style.

The keyboard and guitar are easy instruments to pick up. If your child enjoys strong beats, try introducing him to the cajon, a box-shaped percussion instrument this March school holidays. One cajon instructor who goes by the name Jay, shares his experience, “I picked up the Cajon because it is primarily a percussion instrument. From then, it has been my go-to instrument when I have the urge to jam along with songs or just to do some rhythmic exercises.”

Read our full interview with Jay here.

2. Perform a magic trick


Who doesn’t love a bit of magic in their lives? Magic shows are fun and entertaining for all ages. By learning the trick behind the magic, children get to perform it before family and friends and gain confidence along the way!

Magician Ian Tan says, “It is not only possible for anyone from ages 6 to 60 to learn magic and to perform tricks, it is also possible to do so in a limited amount of time.” For children, Ian recommends a stepped-down version of his curriculum, starting with the rudiments of being a magician – sleight of hand and cardistry.

View Ian’s Tueetor profile here.

3. Programme a drone to fly


So you want your child to learn programming, but how do you get him interested? Besides introducing him to kid-friendly programming language or sending him to tech camps this March school holidays, hire a professional coding trainer to teach him how he can programme a drone to fly! He will have lots of fun flying a drone that he programmed. These flying devices never fail to fascinate and your child will learn actual coding in order to fly the drone.

The pursuit of STEM (Science, Technology, English, and Math) skills can be fun! Find the ideal instructor for your child on Tueetor.

4. Learn 3D design


We see the use of 3D modelling in movies, games, and videos. There are now 3D printers that turn the design on our screens into actual, real-life objects. While not widespread in Singapore at the moment, 3D printing will become commonplace in the future.

There are many kid-friendly 3D design software in the market but it can be intimidating to explore them on your own. Many freelance trainers are available, including those trained to teach primary level, to help induct your child into the world of 3D design this March school holidays. You can also find them on our platform here.

5. Pick up some new dance moves

Picture courtesy of bboystyleroc

Dance classes aren’t just for children who want to learn ballet. Give your active child a space to expend his energy with high-energy dance sequences. With proper training, dance actually promotes better control of the body, subtly teaching children how to use their energy effectively.

B-Boy Ivan Ng, currently a breakdance instructor, teaches kids to safely perform power moves and freezes. “As a trainer who have trained quite a number of kids, I do know when to stop and assess if a kid is ready to progress and attempt more difficult moves,” says Ivan, who travels around to different locations most convenient for his students.

Read our full interview with Ivan here.

For more interesting activities, find a trainer near you on Tueetor! Visit tueetor.com or download our free app at tueetor.com/apps. Call us at +65 6206 6660 or drop us a message on WhatsApp at 9883 3867.