How To Improve Your Search Ranking with Students

3 things that you should improve on to increase your Search Ranking


We hope you have enjoyed using Tueetor, and it has helped you find the students you wanted. At Tueetor, we are constantly bettering ourselves, working towards those goals too!

For the same reason, over the last 7 months, our Customer Engagement Team have been earnestly collecting invaluable feedback, mindshare from our users. To help you find more students, here are the 3 things that you should improve on to increase your search ranking:

  1. ABOUT ME.

    Write a good introduction of yourself and your course. It is the only way for your prospective students to know you and for some, entrust their child to you. Submit a nice photo as well, to sell YOU. If you do not bother to do this, they would not bother to even check you out too. The About Me section can be edited on your Profile page.


    Create as many time slots as possible in your schedule, then work with your prospective students to schedule classes on your preferred timing. This sure beats turning them away at first sight of an almost empty schedule. The My Availability section can be edited in the My Subject page.


    Between a trainer that has zero reviews, and one that has plenty yet charges more, who would you choose? Think like your potential students and start pooling together your ex-students and get them to review you today! The link to invite someone to write a review for you can be found in the My Review section. This will definitely increase your chances of appearing on top of searches.

Tueetor would like to reward trainers that put in the extra effort to make themselves more hireable. 


Starting from the second half of 2017, our “Find Now” section – where more than 4,000 learners out of our 13,000 visitors find their subject matches every month – will be ranking trainers based on the completely of their records, specifically, the 3 sections highlighted above. The more complete your profile is = The higher your ranking = The likelier learners will find you.

At Tueetor, we strive to create an ecosystem where learners can engage honest, caring and competent trainers, and such learned, skilled individuals may reciprocate – fast, easy and direct. With your participation, we will be a step closer to realising our mission. Help us, Help you.