Did you know? Ballet is for all ages and gender. Our featured trainer this week has taught students aged 3 to 50!

Meet Ballet Teacher – Geraldine

Geraldine began her dance journey at the age of 4. As a teacher who has plenty of teaching and performing experiences, she is certified with different associations. Besides Commonwealth Society Teachers’ of Dancing (CSTD), she is also certified with Royal Academy of Dance (RAD). Having taught at Dancing Star, Avante Arts, Sissonne Dance Arts and other schools, she has experiences in teaching both syllabuses. Moreover, she has a wealth of performing experiences, having taken part in various classical shows. Proven to be a dedicated teacher to her students, Geraldine spends time to understand them and makes lessons fun.

Geraldine graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Finance and Marketing, and is currently doing branding as a full-time career. Even so, she spends her free time teaching Ballet at Rosyth School, The Ballet Academy and The Ballet & Music Company. Her passion in the dance, and her love for her students motivates her to be a very patient and loving teacher despite her busy schedule. Most of all, she brings joy to her students but never compromises the quality of her classes.

Find Geraldine and speak to her directly at – http://tueetor.com/GeraldineTeo

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