Have you always wanted to learn the Japanese Language? Or are you someone who needs help with your JLPT qualification examination?

Meet Japanese Language Teacher – Hua Hsing

Other than his JLPT N2 qualification, Hua Hsing has deep interest and knowledge in all things Japan — culture, literature and media. He has spent a lot of time in researching cultural nuances, colloquialism, and contextual meanings of words in the language. As someone who started learning the language from the very basic, he understands the challenges of a student and is well equipped to help you!

Besides the Japanese Language, he is also a programmer who has more than 10 years of experience in software embedded systems. He will be able to help you achieve deeper understanding in computing and programming. In addition, he can help you build a stronger foundation. Furthermore, he will be able to share plenty of insights from in industrial experiences. This will help you relate what you are learning to applying it in the practicalities of a workplace environment. Also, teaching you the smartest and most effective methods of research will nurture you to be an independent learner.

Find Hua Hsing and speak to him directly at – https://tueetor.com/huahsinglee

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