You know what they say about ringing in the New Year. It’s about wiping the slate clean and making ambitious resolutions that you might or might not give up after the first week of January.

It’s okay, hun; we won’t tell anyone! I mean, ‘being a better person’ as a resolution is just so 2017, you know?

At Tueetor, we’re no different about ringing in 2018 (hopefully without the giving up after January)! If you’re looking for better, or more entertaining, resolutions than be a better person, look no further – this is the lowdown on the 2018 aspirations in the Tueetor office.

#1 Khalishah (Content)

Khalishah-gif-smaller“I just want to be better at Photoshop.”

As somebody with learning new things at the top of her list, it is no surprise that one of Khalishah’s biggest plans for 2018 is to improve her graphic design skills.

Matched: Andrew Teo (Graphic Design)

Andrew Teo Tueetor Profile

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#2 Kaseh (Client Engagement)

Kaseh Tueetor“I want to lose weight so Ko Ko will stop saying I’m fat.”

You know what’s better than just losing weight? It’s losing weight, getting healthy, and learning something new at the same time! With a multitude of trainers teaching different types of dances and sports on Tueetor, you’ll be spoiled for choice if losing weight is on your list.

Matched: Melvin Tseng (Hip-Hop)

Melvin Tseng Tueetor Profile

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With that kind of dance moves, I don’t know if I want to be Melvin, or be his friend!

#3 Ling (Marketing)

Ling Tueetor“I aim to drink a cup of tea everyday for the entire year.”

Tea is admittedly one of the best things about being alive. But what’s even better is sipping tea out of a cup that you made by yourself! Not only would you be more motivated to keep to your resolution, and that sense of fulfilment? A total knockout.

Matched: Lim Richard

Lim Richard Tueetor Profile

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Pottery class, here we go!

New year, new me? For us, it’s more ‘new year, better us’. We’re all a work in progress after all.

Join us and let us keep you on track with your resolutions! Slay 2018 with us.