Shout out to our Shout Out Feature!

Come one, come all!

We’re excited to roll out a spanking new feature on all of our platforms. By ALL of our platforms, we mean both our desktop site and our mobile apps. More exciting yet – we’re here to show you just how our brand new Shout out Feature can benefit you. Yes, you! No matter if you’re a student seeking an instructor, or a trainer seeking students.

How do I use this new feature?

Screenshot showing yellow loudhailer below the red 'Find Now' button

Directly below the red “Find Now” button, you’ll find a new yellow loudhailer icon. Once you click on the icon, a screen will pop up.

Screenshot of the overlay screen after clicking on the loud hailer

Just like our ‘Find Now’ feature, the Shout Out allows students to search for nearby tutors and trainers. There are also additional options that students can customise and edit, as per their requirements.

Shout-out feature, what’s good?

The shout out feature takes the find now feature even further by allowing students to message up to 10 trainers at the same time!

Wait, what?

Yes, we’ve decided to upgrade our platform by allowing students to message multiple trainers and tutors. After clicking the ‘Next’ button, a list of up to 50 trainers and tutors will appear, sorted according to the trainers’ distance from the student.

Screenshot of tutors/trainers available

However, to circumvent the issue of spamming, students using the feature are only allowed to message up to a maximum of 10 trainers per day. Tueetor hopes that this feature will connect students to the most suitable trainers in the shortest time possible.

Hold up, what about trainers on Tueetor?

If only students can use this feature to search for trainers and tutors, how does it benefit me if I’m a trainer?

This shout-out feature will help increase both engagement and interaction for trainers and tutors listed on our site. With greater engagement, comes a greater number of students. It’s all math!

Can’t wait to see this feature go live? The new update will come online at the end of February, remember to come check it out here!