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Ace A-Math With These Study Tips From a Secondary Math ...

When students enter Secondary 3, Mathematics is no longer as simple as it was. The study of Mathematics is now separated into E-Math and A-Math. Even students who did well in Math before now start to struggle, especially in A-Math. ...

Fun workshops and camps to get your child interested in ...

Help your kids to improve their Mandarin with these holiday programmes! 3-Day Workshop Camp Introduce your child to Chinese culture in a series of hands-on craft workshops. Organised by boutique Chinese language instruction provider HAHA Chineseand textile studio With Autumn, this 3-day ...

TUEETOR CHATS with English Teacher, Nanang Eko Prastiyo

English teachers rule! Why? English teachers remind us of the power of the Language and the delights of Literature. Here's Tueetor INDONESIA's featured trainer Nanang Eko Prastiyo telling us why English is more important than we realise.

The Practicle Way to Get Good at Math

Research proves that motivation and study skills play an important role in developing Math competencies. Here's how you get good at Math, the Practicle way.

Teaching Your Kids to Measure Up!

Teach your kids how to Math by learning measuring with everyday household items in your home. Bonus: An idiot-proof Choc chip recipe you can bake with them & let them do all the (measuring) work.

Pro Tips for English Comprehension = Pro Tips for Life

Here are 4 main Pro Tips for everyone to acing your English Comprehension, useful for upper primary through secondary; and even, for adulting!

Why Can’t My Kid Improve In PSLE Maths?

In the concluding part of our 2-part blog, we ask: Can the Myth of not being able to improve in Math be busted? Can one improve in PSLE Maths if one has never passed? Presenting actual PSLE problems with working ...