The Importance of Keeping up With Technology

Technology is everywhere and it surrounds us. It has always been an integral part of our lives, helping us through the day with ease. As the day progresses, whether you are in your office or watching your favourite show at home, there is someone out there inventing new technology and is constantly, upgrading old technology […]

Master 3 Things To Succeed As A Freelance Trainer/Coach

Overheard at the recent NTUC e2i Freelance Fair were pleas of “I’ve always wanted to be a freelance trainer; BUT….” And it was accompanied by,“Life took me elsewhere”, or,“My parents said I wouldn’t amount to much doing this full-time” and the kicker “How can I make a decent living doing this?” 1. The Only Thing Holding Back is Yourself. […]


Unconventional Learning – Skill Up with Magic, Martial Arts and Drones

As parents, we often enroll our kids in enrichment activities which we believe are beneficial for their physical, cognitive and mental development. We push them into activities which we think they will enjoy. We do this thinking we know what’s best for our kids when often our kids end up not showing much enthusiasm for […]