Top 16 Things to Do Meow to Make Your 2018 Even Better

A local influencer once said that we all should set process goals for the remainder of the year, instead of performance goals. Simply put peeps, if you haven’t checked anything off that New Year list yet and still want to truly achieve your goals, you should have actionable steps taken to make sure you achieve those same dreams and goals.

If you want to get better at say, writing, don’t just say you want to write better. Fulfil actionable goals like “I aim to write 300 words a day. In a writing journal. On any subject.”

To help you end your year on a high, here are Tueetor’s cat gurus 🐈 to help inspire you to take some pawesome learning mojo & turn it into action, so that the remainder of your 2018 isn’t going to fly by without any of your goals realized.

So don’t just check the boxes off your list of movies you have watched 😜 Sure there are plenty of new video games to binge play and football matches to binge watch; but here’re some productive actionable tips you can take to make this year the best yet! Written and compiled by Cecilia Leong.

#16 Create a personal website.


Shall we start designing our website with a profile pic? Meowsome! Picture credit: Josh Couch, Unsplash.

Design is not just for philosophy, it’s for life. Especially when you’ve not staked your own digital territory. Claim your very own digital frontage by learning to create your own website! Learn how to do this using Photoshop or code in html with WordPress. It’s your call! But most importantly, doing up your personal website to put up your portfolio or even set up your own e-shop would be easier if you learn how to take the amazing photos. So what ‘cha waiting for?

#15 Read for pleasure.


Let’s aim to read at least one book this holiday break, shall we? Picture credit: Cecilia.

Reading for pleasure has a whole host of health and social benefits. It can actually improve our sense of connectedness to the wider community. Reading relaxes us, increases our understanding of our own identity, improves empathy and, it also gives us an insight into others’ point of view. A purrfect book to snuggle up on bed with? How about “A Street Cat Named Bob?”

#14 Learn time management skills.


Work smarter, not harder. Miccha devotes her entire focus to the task at hand. Picture credit: Bella.

Time management is a valuable life skill. Especially on days when you just feel like sleeping in. Get an early start by writing down a To-Do list the day before. Identify what the major, most important tasks are first, and break it down into smaller errands. Devote your entire focus to the task at hand and don’t allow unimportant tasks drag you down (checking your socials, messages, emails…etc.). Turn key tasks into habits, and sleep for at least 8 hours. Just like Miccha, who’s catching up on her beauty sleep.

#13 Learn about your family history/do up your Family Tree.


The key to the family tree is that a generation is organized into a single level, and so on and so forth. Just like us here. Picture credit: Jari Hytonen, Unsplash.

One of the coolest things you can do for your fam is to reconnect with that distant seventh aunt on your dad’s side who’s a crazy cat lover herself! In fact, reconnect with all your family members whom you normally don’t get to see or be with ordinarily, and send them a message or email to let them know that you’ve taken on a Family Tree project. Get all the info your own parents do not yet know, and compile them into a family tree poster. Present this at the next family gathering or reunion and it’s bound to bring on lots of surprised meows and happy purring.

#12 Get out & enjoy Mother Nature.


Hey butterfly, let me smell ya! Picture credit: Karina Vorozheev, Unsplash.

If the closest you get to nature is being with your cat, well, you’d need to get out to embrace the great outdoors NOW; like during these holidays! Go for a walk, a hike, or if your entire litter’s with you, pack a picnic, fly a kite. Get out there and soak in nature’s feels, and be invigorated, naturally.

#11 Achieve a physical goal.


Comot, you can’t bring your litterbox into the gym! Picture credit: Muzamir.

So here are some examples set by Comot (who’s resting in between lifting weights):

Do 15 pull-ups in 45 seconds

50 push-ups in 1.5 minutes

Do 60 sit-ups in 2 minutes

Run a klick (a kilometer) under 5 minutes

Hold a plank for 2 minutes

Or, you can start with the box pose for 30 seconds 😊 then start with your own physical routine. Remember to warm up and do your stretches before any exercise! Just get up, and get your heart pumping and your body will start producing those happy endorphin hormones. Even a brisk walk of 15 minutes every day will make you feel better all-round!

#10 Visit a nearby college or university.

#10 Lulu College

Lulu can’t wait to check out her new digs at the uni hostel. Picture credit: Cecilia.

Malaysia boasts some 20 universities, 33 polytechnics and at least 40 private universities & 19 university colleges (source: Wikipedia.) Phew! With that much higher learning going on, pre-tertiary students and parents could enlighten themselves by going down to visit one of these campuses. And learn about the courses and programmes offered, to get a feel of what college life is all about. If you need to get a glimpse of what campus culture, passion, youth, knowledge and potential are all about, make sure to check out a nearby campus. Tueetor has regular campus activation events, so check with our socials regularly to come along! And, don’t forget to bring your cat!

#9 Sell the things you aren’t using/de-clutter.


Do we really need this Corningware, mom? Picture credit: Paul Hanaoka, Unsplash.

If you want to earn some extra cash but don’t feel like doing anything too strenuous, how about helping to declutter your home? Give away some of the older book titles you help to unravel from carton boxes long-forgotten, or if you do dig out some latest titles but you’ve already read them, try selling them on Carousell or on other platforms that will give you additional pocket money. In addition, clear out your desk, room and generally get organized. This way, you’re setting yourself up for a cleaner, clearer second half of the year.

#8 Pick up a new hobby.


Lulu does a modified ‘Asana’. Picture credit: Cecilia.

If you’ve always wanted to be a yoga practitioner but never had the time or inclination to, make use of the June school hols to do precisely that! Or better yet, pick up a hobby which you’ve always wanted to try. It could be yoga, it could be art, it could be dancing, it could literally be anything that helps to improve your overall well-being, perhaps even your health. Besides its obvious health benefits (as yoga is a physical exercise), concrete research has shown that engaging in any hobby that you enjoy during down-time is associated with lower cortisol (stress hormone) levels, lower blood pressure, etc. In a nutshell, hobbies are good for your mind and your body. If you don’t know what could be out there for you to start learning, here are a few: Drone flying, learning to cook Peranakan food, learning the guitar…just some awesome hobbies you can learn on Tueetor.

#7 Learn how to manage money.


Lulu checking out her latest emails sent by her money management app Seedly. Picture credit: Cecilia.

So you’ve been baby-sitting other families’ kittens and helped the immediate neighbor rid his home of lizards; you’ve made a bit of money but need to know how to manage it now that you’ve hit double-digits? Money management, just like time management is an essential life skill. Get started by checking out not only free online resources but free apps that will help you reach your money goals and get cracking on savings and investment. Repeat after me. Compound interest compounds. There are countless apps out there but some which are available for free include *BNM My Tabung by Bank Negara, Fast Budget, TouchStyle, Expense Manager and MoneyLover, to name a few (*apps listed by Malaysia’s

#6 Meditate.


How to meditate like a cat: Step 1. Sit or lie comfortably. Step 2: Close your eyes. Step 3: Make no effort to control your breath, just simply breathe naturally. Step 4: Focus your attention on your breath and how your body moves with each inhalation and exhalation. Observe your chest, your shoulders, rib cage and belly. If your mind wanders, return your focus back to your breath. Start this meditation for 2-3 minutes as a start, then try longer periods once you’ve become comfortable. Picture credit: Priscilla du Preez, Unsplash.

Besides YouTubing or Instagramming, one of the noteworthy habits one should learn to cultivate is meditation. Ok ok, we get that meditation seems to be for OLDER ADULT CATS, who require doing nothing other than sitting at a spot, doing nothing, by yourself, in your own world. So here’s the rub: Learning to clear your mind, being conscious of your breaths as you breathe in and out deeply, and just being in the moment with yourself, helps you achieve a level of calmness, inner peace and awareness of self, like never before. With a cultivation of this one small habit which you can practice for a few minutes every single day, would bring about tremendous benefits.

#5 Build or fix something.


Tommy attempts his own carton box repair. Picture credit: Muzamir.

Tommy is attempting to fix a collapsed box; but you know what? Don’t just stop there. Learn to fix a broken desktop fan, or custom-build your own PC or even indulge in some basic carpentry like fix up a wooden chair or a table. You’d be surprised at what using your own hands to build or fix something makes you feel. Accomplished. Inspired. Anything but bored. And this skill would come in handy later in life…particularly when you want to know if your car mechanic is reaping you off.

#4 Grow your own organic food.


Tommy is trying his paw at organic farming, but fell asleep halfway. Gardening is hard work! Picture credit: Muzamir.

Continuing on tip #8, a definite useful skill is learning how to grow your own potted, organic food. Read up on the easiest ways to grow your very own Lady’s fingers, brinjal, sweet potato leaves, spring onions, chillis, pandan leaves, kang kong, the list is almost endless! You’d never need to buy these vegetables again! Or get help from your local gardening community and clubs, to have your very own edible garden!

#3 Learn a new language.


I say Tueetor, you say Tutor! (It’s Tueetor lah!) Picture credit: Alexis Chloe, Unsplash.

If you’ve always wondered what your favorite K-Pop artistes are singing about, it’s high time to learn Korean, or if like me you have always found Spanish felines enticing, then Spanish, or German if you want to support your defending World Cup team, or Japanese, for easy manga reading! Try some websites such as BBC Languages, or Tueetor’s platform to find some one-on-one help.

#2 Get a flexi-time or part-time job.


Excuse me, but can you tell me where Jalan Delima, 5 Taman Delima Kajang Selangor is? Picture credit: Kiven Zhao, Unsplash.

Besides serving up customers at McDonald’s, you can put those bicycling skills to good use by getting a flexi or part time job doing food delivery. Or, if you haven’t already known, Tueetor’s an automatic platform for everyone to become a trainer at the skillset that he or she is good at and/or certified in. You would be able to be matched with teaching assignments on a flexi-time/part-time basis which won’t clash with your work or school semester schedule.

#1 Reflect & set goals for the coming new months.


Baby reflects on life (the mackerel she had for breakfast) and everything in between. Picture credit: Bella.

Ask yourself, “What did I do that’s pawsome in the past two quarters?” “What did I do that’s not so (pawesome)? “What can I do differently, that will allow me to be voted #1 Most Gorgeous Feline in the upcoming International Cat Show?” Write down your reflections in a journal, and follow up with process goals/action steps you can take. And then go out there, and slay!