TUEETOR CHATS with Cajon Player, Jay!

Cajon - Photo by Marko Dukic on Unsplash

What is Cajon? Usually 18 inches in height and about 12 inches wide and deep. A box-shaped percussion instrument originally from Peru. Played by slapping the front or rear faces (generally thin plywood) with the hands, fingers, or sometimes implements such as brushes, mallets, or sticks. The five sides of this instrument are typically made of a thicker wood than the front side where the user slaps with his/her hand. The front side is more slender and it is referred to as the head.

This is how a Cajon looks like


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Generally it is compact, versatile and mobile. The box drum is amazing for drummers, players of different instruments, or novices or new performers who need a starting percussion instrument that is anything but difficult to play yet conveys a bountiful palette of sounds. Even it is just a plain simple wooden box, It is evolving into many variations.

Such as Modernized Beats shown in this video.

Video Courtesy of Dj Leo Prime https://www.facebook.com/djleoprime/

Interesting enough? If you are looking for a Cajon Trainer, We got one for you! Log onto Tueetor.com and connect with trainers such as Jay today. Or better yet, read on to understand more about the instrument and also more information about Jay and how he could teach you to be a better Cajon player.

Cajon Jay Tueetor

You can contact him at https://tueetor.com/jay2

What is your story?

I started playing the drums when I was 12. I have been playing in church ever since then, till now. Had mentors along the way to help me improve my skills. Picked up the electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar and keyboard. Because I took formal piano lessons, that helped me to cement my basics and picking up new instruments was easy. In 2017, I picked up the Cajon and because it is primarily a percussion instrument. From then, It has been my go-to instrument when I have the urge to jam along with songs or just to do some rhythmic exercises.

What excites you the most about your subject/industry?

Music is an industry that has so much potential to develop. People flock to gyms or yoga studios for a good workout because they know that doing all these improves their health or because these activities are fun. I think people don’t realise the benefits that come along with music playing. You don’t have to have the need to perform in order for you to pick up a new instrument. Pick it up because music playing is proven to relieve stress, just like yoga. Once people start to realise the joy of music playing, it will definitely help to grow the music industry in ways that we have not seen before.

What are your biggest strengths as Cajon instructor?

One of my biggest strengths is that I am able to teach a percussion instrument in a simplistic manner that is easy for a beginner to understand. That was how I learnt drums from my mentors and I am also able to teach my students with simplicity in mind. With simple teaching, I am able to help new learners experience success early on so that it motivates them to learn even more.

I will also let them choose what they want to learn, so they get a chance to take charge of their own learning. It can be song that they want to jam along or a beat that they want to learn.

In the future, I plan to build a social media account that will allow my students’ works or performance to be uploaded for others to enjoy. This will give my students opportunities to perform for other people and feel the sense of accomplishment.


Who inspires you?

I grew up listening to Christian Contemporary songs. A drummer who really inspired me during my learning years as a percussionist was Mike Webber. A drummer from a band called Planetshakers. His playing was so clean and consistent, those hours of listening to him motivated me to develop a sense of rhythm as good as his.

What do you think about Tueetor?

It’s a great platform for people who want to learn for self-improvement or for fun. It is interesting that you can find teachers who can teach interesting skills like foreign languages or even advertising. It is not like your usual “tuition” agency. It is useful not just for student but also for working adults who want to upgrade themselves.

You can watch the video below to see Jay in action.

For more information on how to discover trainers on the Tueetor platform, call (65) 6206 6660 or visit Tueetor.com

Written and edited by Joshua Moreno