Tueetor @ KidZania: Network Your Way into EdTech

This March, the Tueetor Business Development Team (or more affectionately known in the office as the BD Team) brought some of our premium T. Pak partners down to KidZania!

BD Team Pic 1

KidZania’s team member and tour guide to our Premium Partners group.

The different premium partners that attended this networking event included Words Worth, Little Art Connoisseur, Practicle, Absolute Piano, Kodekoon, Aikiforest, More Than Grades, Little Artducated, Dive Degree, and ACME Taekwondo, to name a few. Like us, they were looking forward to an informative and fulfilling networking session ahead!

Tueetor at KidZania Singapore

Tueetor’s BD Team Lead Greg, speaking with one of our premium partners.

They were brought on an eye-opening tour around the ‘little’ city of KidZania. We stopped at various iconic landmarks along the way, including our Tueetor storefront!

Tueetor Storefront displaying Tueetor Swag

Our Tueetor storefront @ KidZania Singapore. Check out the swag you can earn for yourselves when you become our Kid Ambassador!

Afterwards, our group settled into the KidZania lounge for a chill networking session. The food was delicious and aplenty, the conversation good. What’s better than good food and better company? Not forgetting the reason we were there: Tueetor x KidZania to help premium partners provide specially curated content and expertise and deliver it in this amazing venue.

Tueetor at KidZania

Tueetor at KidZania

Tueetor at KidZania

Tueetor at KidZania

Even Tueetor’s founder, Han Sing, made a cameo appearance to catch up with us!

Tueetor at KidZania

Tueetor’s tall and handsome founder, Han Sing, speaking with one of our premium partners.

Interested in becoming one of Tueetor’s Premium Partners? Get a chance to take part in this exclusive partnership with KidZania and other unique Tueetor venue partners. Learn more about becoming our T.Pak Premium Partner by contacting Jit Siong at jitsiong@tueetor.com . For our Malaysian friends, please contact ling@tueetor.com . Don’t say we bojio ah 🍌!