Learners’ Testimonial: Meet Sukhjit and The Singhs

Did you know?

Tueetor’s mission is to provide quality and affordable education to all, no matter their income level, ability, or passion.

In line with our mission, we have up to 10 subjects that cater to the needs of special needs learners who require a specialised tutor.

Special Education Subjects Offered by Tueetor

Besides, Tueetor is also very aware that affordable private Special Education tutors are sorely missing from the education sector. Though there are a lot of public special schools available, we understand that private special education is expensive and not accessible for many families. This is why we do what we do! We believe that everybody deserves unrestricted access to education and knowledge.

Hello, my name is Sukhjit!

We bumped into Sukhjit at one of Tueetor’s road show and he had nothing but praise for our platform and the quality of tutors who are listed with us. If you don’t believe us, here’s proof 👇

Ling, our business manager, caught up with Sukhjit a few weeks after the road show and chatted with him about life in general, special education, his family, and Teacher Annie!

An image of the Singhs

The Singhs.

Lack of Private Specialised Education

One thing that struck us is how hard it is for Sukhjit to find a suitable special needs school for his son, Tarjit. Though some resources were available in Kuala Lumpur (KL) where the family lived, these resources were extremely expensive.

A boy reading books

How did you discover Tarjit has Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)?

When he was four years old, [my wife and I] realised that he was quite hyper. When we called his name, he will never reply to us. We thought it was a problem, so we took him to a child psychiatrist. The psychiatrist told us that it was way too early for a diagnosis, but we were worried because Tarjit was not talking yet, you know?

What did the child psychiatrist recommend?

We started with speech therapy, but my son cannot focus with the speech therapist, so he recommended that we start with occupational therapy (OT). But it costs a lot, the therapist charges 100RM per hour. When we heard about Permata Kurnia (Wonder School) for special needs children, which is opened by the government, we decided to send my son there. This school did wonders for my son, and they still are. Which was so timely as we didn’t see him improving in the earlier nursery we enrolled him in. In the end, we took Tarjit to a government hospital. It was only at the hospital that my son was diagnosed with ASD. In the hospital, my son really started improving! We did OT and speech therapy in the hospital for about eight months.

Why only eight months?

The government hospital only kept the children until six years old. Now, Tarjit is in a local government school. But this school is not prepared for special needs kids yet. They treat my son like any other kids, follow the book… there is no curriculum for special needs students. In my son’s class, there are different children with different needs. The teachers in the school will complain about Tarjit.

Before meeting Teacher Annie

Before you found Teacher Annie on our app, did you try to use other means to look for a teacher for Tarjit?

Well, before I was married, I did home tuition. There are many agencies in KL that provide home tutors, so I even called my old agent to find a special needs teacher for Tarjit. He did not even think before he said, “sorry I can’t help you”, because he did not know where to get a special needs teacher. I even approached a family friend because she ran a special needs course, but even she cannot help me. I tried everything under the sun, except posting on Facebook.

Phone with an incoming phone call

How did you find out about Tueetor?

I was browsing Facebook and saw a post about the Tueetor application. The app allows me to find any tutor I want, so I downloaded it. I put in all the specification for a tuition teacher for my son. This is how I met Teacher Annie. I am really grateful to Tueetor for helping my family find Annie.

When the app connected you with Teacher Annie, how did it happen? Did Annie contact you or did you contact her first?

I contacted her first, using quickChat through the app. Check out her profile here – https://tueetor.com/annieng. We exchanged a few questions before we exchanged phone numbers and started whats-apping each other.

An image of Annie and Tarjit

A picture of Annie and Tarjit.

Did you speak to other teachers?

At that time, Annie was the only tuition teacher for special needs. But I don’t know about the whole of Malaysia, because I only searched in KL. I think even if I searched for a teacher in the whole Malaysia, it would not have made sense because Tueetor is location-based. That’s why Annie’s name was the only one that appeared.

When did this happen?

Around July last year.

Teacher Annie and the Singhs

How is your experience with Teacher Annie?

There have been a lot of changes in my son and we use Teacher Annie’s name a lot around him. We say things like, “We’ll let Annie know if you don’t behave.” And Tarjit will be obedient because Annie is quite firm with him. It is really good. Teacher Annie also suggested that the right way to [discipline] him is to make him exercise. So whenever Tarjit misbehaves, he has to do sit-ups as punishment and count while he does his sit-ups. His counting is good from doing the sit-ups.

Annie is also very professional. She knows where the boundaries are and how not to cross them. She has been very effective when it comes to Tarjit’s behaviour; we also ask for her opinion whenever we face any difficulties helping or understanding Tarjit.

An image of Annie and Tarjit

A picture of Annie and Tarjit.

Other than Teacher Annie teaching your son and improving his behaviour, are there some things you’ve learnt from her as well?

Oh, we’ve learnt so many things! We learnt how to handle our son, and understanding his behaviour. We know what to do whenever he is not behaving well and endangering himself. Also, Tarjit cannot really express himself, so Annie has taught us to give him two choices. For example, asking him “[do you] want to go to the playground?” or “[do you not want to go] to the playground?”, to better communicate with him.

Is there anything else that is interesting?

My son has a special name for Annie. He calls her “Annie So Many Times”, which is very cute. This is because Annie always tells him, “I have told you so many times to do it.” So now, Tarjit knows Annie as Teacher Annie So Many Times.

A picture of Annie and Tarjit

A picture of Annie and Tarjit.

Tueetor and the Singhs

Would you recommend Tueetor to your friends?

Yes, yes, of course!

Do you have any tips for new users out there?

New users shouldn’t be afraid to be specific about their children’s needs or their own needs. Tueetor doesn’t limit people to only just looking at tuition for their children, you know? It’s also about learning for you. For example, if I want to learn a language like Japanese in a specific time period, anybody who can match that will reply to my requests.