KidZania: Wake Up the KidZ in You

Tueetor finally opened its doors at KidZania!

Tueetor's Store-front in KidZania

After months of painting work and renovations, our store at KidZania is ready for visitors. If you’re looking for some fun bonding time with your child, look no further than KidZania and come visit us while you’re here!

Kids wearing Tueetor Vest 1

Kids wearing Tueetor Vest 2

Let Angela, Tueetor’s very own Operations Manager, show your child how they can roleplay as a Tueetor Training Consultant.

Gif of Angela, Tueetor's Ops Manager

Completing the mission as a Tueetor Training Consultant helps your child build confidence and learn responsibility. Besides, they will stand to receive KidZos and an exclusive ‘Certified Consultant’ badge.

Picture of exclusive Tueetor 'Certified Consultant' badge

In addition, your children will be able to use their accumulated KidZos to redeem any of the awesome Tueetor swag at the KidZania department store. If your child (or you – no shame in wanting some great swag!) is interested on any of the swag on display, feel free to visit our store to roleplay as a Consultant to get those KidZos!

Tueetor Storefront display Tueetor Swag

Kids in KidZania learning how to be a Tueetor training consultant

Lastly, we also have something up our sleeves for parents – that means, you! – to engage in as they wait for their children in Kidzania. Interested to know more? Watch this space!

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