TUEETOR CHATS with Jolene Ang and Faith Tan of Bluetree Education


Let us remember: One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world.

Malala Yousafzai

Teaching is a noble profession; one where the employee agrees to take on the responsibility of educating an entirely new generation of young adults. When it comes to being a teacher, then, it makes sense that many educators start on this career path because they themselves have been inspired by their own teachers. For Jolene Ang from Bluetree Education, who co-founded the learning centre with fellow teacher Faith Tan, this was definitely the case.

We spoke to Jolene in our latest TUEETOR CHATS to learn more.

Hi Jolene! What’s your story?

Faith and I both started tutoring when we were in JC. What began as a part-time job became a life-long passion for us as we then studied at the National Institute of Education (NIE).

After NIE, Faith and I were deployed to teach in GEP schools and as subject specialists in Math and Science (Faith in Math, me in Science).

Why did you decide to start Bluetree Education?

We believe that children learn best in a positive and encouraging learning environment, and through our experience, we discovered many useful teaching strategies and ways that would motivate students.

After a lot of research, we started devising our own methods to teach our students better. The research soon paid off and we witnessed transformations in many students after applying our unique methods of teaching.

Thus we decided to strike out on our own to create a school that can provide the best possible learning environment using our teaching methods.

What excites you most about Education?

Education is a very personal industry. It is probably one of the few that allows us to directly touch and transform lives. In fact, we are still close to many of our ex-students and their parents. Many of them have become our close friends and supported us in this entrepreneurship journey.

Being in education also means we get to learn ALL THE TIME. The world now is a fast-changing one.

In order to be an effective teacher, we have to learn different skills, knowledge and gain an understanding of new innovations and trends quickly.

Photo courtesy of BlueTree Education

What do you hope your students will achieve in your classes at Bluetree Education?

We hope they will gain intellectual curiosity and moral wisdom. We do not just teach our students English, Math, and Science. We create a learning environment to impart the love for learning and we influence our students to be better people and in time, contribute to a kinder and more positive society.

We are both very passionate about education and believe that children should be taught the way they want to learn.

Who is your biggest inspiration in life?

There are too many to count – Our teachers who have been kind and patient to us as students, the colleagues we have worked with before. We have met so many dedicated and passionate educators when we were teaching in MOE schools. Successful entrepreneurs who built their business from scratch. People who believe in their cause and push forward, no matter the adversity.

What did you recently learn that blew you away?

Recently I met an ex-student who became a teacher herself! And she shared that I was her inspiration to be a teacher. I was very touched because as a teacher, I strive to affect positive change in my students each day. And I did it!

Recommend us a book you think everyone should read and why:

Photo from Heinemann

The Curious Classroom By Harvey Daniels

This book talks about incorporating student-led inquiry in primary school. Daniels shared practical examples and inspiring stories of inquiry-based learning from teachers in the USA. This book is easy to read as there are many photos and anecdotes, and will make you reflect on effective education as an educator.

Shameless plug for Bluetree Education:

When we started Bluetree, our dream was to ensure that every child that learns with us, grows into a purposeful and happy learner. We focused on building a school that will impact our students positively and we want this positive learning experience to have a long-standing impact on our students.

BlueTree is not just a school that imparts knowledge, we also work very closely with parents to grow their children together with them. We want to care for our students. And owing to our beliefs, we always ensure the best delivery of our lessons with a team of dedicated, engaging and positive teachers. Our curriculum is always reviewed and updated for every batch of students.

We take education seriously with a purposeful, driven belief that every child deserves the best positive learning experience.

How can people connect with you?

Website: www.bluetreeeducation.com
Email: info@bluetreeeducation.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/bluetreeeducation
Instagram: BlueTree Education

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