Unconventional Learning – Skill Up with Magic, Martial Arts and Drones

As parents, we often enroll our kids in enrichment activities which we believe are beneficial for their physical, cognitive and mental development. We push them into activities which we think they will enjoy. We do this thinking we know what’s best for our kids when often our kids end up not showing much enthusiasm for these activities due to a lack of or drop-off of interest. This often leads to a compromised learning environment which may be detrimental for your child. (And not to mention, wasted resources.) All this can be solved if parents are given a wider variety of activities for their kids. And Tueetor’s platform does exactly just that. We make diverse, unconventional learning more accessible which is why we aim to connect learners to a wide variety of unconventional trainers depending on interests and needs. In this blog, we will be showcasing three of such unconventional but highly effective and enjoyable learning activities which our users can avail themselves to.


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#Unconventional #Learning Activity 1: Performing Magic

Yes, you read that right. As strange as it may sound, magic is a great skill to pick up for everyone, and more so for children. Magic invokes an air of wonder and a competent young magician has the ability to captivate everyone. Performing magic is nothing short of an alternate form of performance arts. Why? It’s because performing magic helps foster loads of confidence in children by encouraging them to interact and engage with strangers. It’s great for building an individual’s self-esteem by improving vital soft skills including communication and interpersonal skills which are extremely important in the early stages of a child’s development. Performing magic has the power to make people more outgoing and come out of their comfort zones. It’s different, more dynamic than most other performing arts out there, and more importantly it’s also fun when children learn to perform tricks accurately and in the process, learn valuable life skills


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#Unconventional #Learning 2: Martial Arts

One of the main reasons that parents are extremely reluctant to enroll their kids into martial arts is their fear of the physical risks that the sport may pose to young children, often neglecting the fact that the positives far outweigh the negatives.

On the outset, martial arts is instrumental in developing physical strength and promoting a healthy lifestyle. But there is more to it than meets the eye. For starters, the disciplined training regimen and eventual control one learns over body movements will enable children to cultivate self-discipline. Furthermore, focusing on the right movements and maintaining the right posture improve focus and concentration greatly. The trainer-learner relationship which is an intrinsic denominator in martial arts, is also one major benefit where children learn respect and courage to excel.


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#Unconventional #Learning 3: Flying Drones

In recent years, drones have been making a buzz amongst a growing number of drone-based hobbyists around the world. From amateur hobbyists who’d just like to fly their own-built drones to others who have become certified drone pilots, drone aerial photographers, drone logistics purveyors etc., drones are not just toys that hobbyists are playing with, but are fast becoming important learning tools for individuals. For starters, drones are redefining how amateur photographers and filmmakers are shooting dynamic aerial pictures and videos which are propelling them to pursue this as full-time professional careers.

On the commercial and industrial side of things, drones have given birth to an entire generation of innovators who are utilizing smart ingenious engineering solutions to develop smaller, cheaper and hardier drones that are redefining old-school industries such as agriculture, enabling remote surveillance in security and medicine delivery to remote locations all around the world. An immensely booming sector, the wonder of flying drones can be a launch pad for young children to discover their interests in engineering and programming. Building drones, programming their features can become vital life skills which naturally integrate passionate creative learning with sound logical reasoning. By visualizing the products of their imagination, learning to build a drone and piloting it can pave highways for many curious a kid to realize his or her interest in applied sciences and engineering.

In conclusion, it’s easy to be pigeonholed by the conventional or more run-of-the-mill, popular enrichment learning activities, but given it’s the 21st century, it’s high-time for us to explore beyond those conventions and discover what your child may be truly passionate about. Which is why Tueetor helps you find the right trainer to not only suit your child’s learning needs but also in the process, uncover his passions. And the bonus about all these #unconventional learning modules? You can learn it with your child! Log onto tueetor.com to find out more!

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