World Cup 2018 Russia

Russia is the host country for the 2018 World Cup and work to rebuild Luzhniki Stadium, one of Moscow’s key iconic landmarks, began in 2013. Image courtesy of FIFA.

World Cup 🏆 starts in less than 24 days! Instead of hitting your head against the wall realising it’s going to clash with school holidays (what are you going to do about the kids?), we say it’s a blessing in disguise. Why? Because we’ve got a whole load of school holiday workshops, courses and programmes to keep your kids occupied while you binge watch the once-every-4-years World Cup matches. Here’s the A-to-Z Guide to the May/June school holidays plus BONUS links: Scroll to the end of the blog for the World Cup Match Schedule in Singapore Time! Plus, if you plan to ‘Ronaldo-rise’ or ‘Messi-up’ your kids, here’s our featured Football (ok, ok aka soccer) ⚽ Trainer, Fadzly Roslan.

#1 Absolute Piano @ Siglap Centre

Absolute Piano at Siglap

The Absolute Starter programme is a children’s group music programme. It will be music to your ears as it’s going for a song (for a limited time only). The programme runs 21 May to 30 June and is available for both weekdays and weekends.

The details

Cost: $80.00 for 4 lessons (weekdays & weekends)

Address: All lessons are held at the Absolute Piano Studio at 55 Siglap Road #02-24 Siglap Centre, Singapore 455871.

Note: Minimum sign up of 4 lessons at this promotional rate. Lessons will be conducted on a weekly basis and time slots are subjected to availability and final booking.


#2 ACME Sabertooth Taekwondo @ Roxy Square

ACME Sabertooth Taekwondo

Established and affiliated to the Singapore Taekwondo Federation since 1991, ACME Sabertooth Taekwondo have produced quality players who have gone on to compete at the national level. Let them guide your child effectively with quality trainers. Bully-proof your children and sign then up for a term package and receive a FREE dobok (Taekwondo uniform) worth $90.00! Or sign up for an absolutely free trial class.

The details

Date: Valid 21 May through 30 June 2018.

Address: Above promotions are valid at their main dojo at Roxy Square @ 50 East Coast Road #01-136, Singapore 428769.


#3 Cognitive Connections @ 4 Queen’s Road

Cognitive Connections

Educational therapists Cognitive Connections have specially curated 2 unique programmes for children who require specialized help. Comprehension Strategies for P5 and P6 students programme will help students in learning how to discern the writer’s meaning in a given piece and help the students to read between the lines. They will learn to infer and understand the questions so as to help them ace the comprehension component of the English paper. This is especially so if your child needs urgent help for comprehension for PSLE as this is timely help just before their preliminary exams.

In Handwriting without Tears, children who require help in writing will be given exercises for fine motor skills, as well as writing letter in proportion.

The details

All workshops to be held at Cognitive Connections @ Blk 4 Queen’s Road #02-129 Farrer Gardens, Singapore 260004.

  1. Comprehension Strategies for P5 & P6

Date: Thursdays and Fridays from 9AM to 12PM (dates to be confirmed)

Cost: $150 per student (maximum class size of 6 students)

Note: Programme is applicable for P5 and P6 students only. Individuals are only during term.


2. Handwriting without Tears

Date: Mondays to Fridays once a week (time slots to be confirmed)

Cost: To be confirmed.

Note: Programme is applicable for K2 to P1 kids.


#4 iSkate Singapore @ Punggol Waterway Park

Children learning how to inline skate with iSkate

iSkate is proud to present the Introduction to Inline Skating Holiday Workshop! Suitable for all beginners of all ages, this workshop will enable you OR your kids will learn the basics of inline skating and experience a short distance skating in the park. Games will also be incorporated into the workshop to ensure kids don’t just learn a new skill, but have fun at the same time! Cost of the workshop also includes the price of skate rental. So what ‘cha waiting for?

The details

Date: 9th and 10th June, 10AM to 11AM

Cost: $50 per student (includes the rental fees of the inline skates)


The details

Date: 23rd June and 24th June, 11AM to 12PM

Cost: $50 per student (includes the rental fees of the inline skates)

Note: Both these workshops are suitable for all beginners with NO AGE LIMIT.


#5 Kodecoon @ SingPost Centre

Kodecoon at BoulderWorld SingPost Centre

Kodecoon believes every child’s programming journey resembles the process of metamorphosis. To help the child along this process of discovery in this digital world, Kodecoon has designed 3 creative yet fun Programming Workshops/Courses to create their own creations – a Build-Your-Own: Robotics Arm, a Build-Your-Own: Smart Fish Tank and last but not least, a Build-Your-Own: Plant Watering System.

The details

All workshops will be held at 10 Eunos Road 8, #01-205 SingPost Centre, BoulderWorld, Singapore 408600.

  1. Build-Your-Own: Smart Fish Tank

Date: 31st May to 1st June or 7th June to 8th June (1PM to 5PM daily)

Cost: Early bird special of $199 (usual price at $230) with registration by 20th May; Special Buddy Rate at $350 per pair

Note: Curated for children from ages 7 to 12 years old. In the workshop, your child will DIY build his/ her own smart fish tank that can automatically detect the cleanliness level of the water in the tank and activate a signal to alert the owner. Here’s what they’ll learn:

  1. Programming: Learn fundamental programming concepts with micro:bit.
  2. Hardware: Basic electronics, sensors and circuitry will be provided.
  3. Science: Seawater vs Freshwater, living environments of fish.


2. Build-Your-Own: Robotics Arm (3-day Holiday Workshop)

Date: 4th June to 6th June or 11th June to 13th June (9AM to 3PM daily)

Cost: Early bird special of $299 (usual price at $350) with registration by 20th May; Special Buddy Rate at $550 per pair

Note: Join us in this workshop, where your child will acquire personal, hands-on experience with 3D printing, creating their very first robotics arm!

Your child will be exposed to the basics of 3D Modelling and programming, using Arduino, discovering how technology can be made simple and innovative.

Your child will learn:

  1. Programming: Fundamental programming concepts with Arduino.
  2. Hardware: Basic electronics, motors and circuitry.
  3. 3D Modelling: 3D printer and 3D modelling software.


3. Build-Your-Own: Plant Watering System

Date: 31st May to 1st June or 7th June to 8th June (9AM to 1230PM daily)

Cost: Early bird special of $199 (usual price at $230) with registration by 20th May; Special Buddy Rate at $350 per pair

Note: Curated for children from ages 7 to 12 years old, your child will DIY his/her own smart potted plant that can automatically detect the low moisture level when the soil is dry and activate a water pump to water the plant.

Your child will learn:

  1. Programming: Fundamental programming concepts with micro:bit.
  2. Hardware: Basic electronics, sensors and circuitry.
  3. Science: Life cycle of a plant and germination.


#6 Little Art Connoisseur @ 333 Kreta Ayer Road

Little Art Connoisseur artist

Pablo Picasso once said “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” For that, Little Art Connoisseur offers Art Education and Training not only for children, but for teens, youths and adults as well. With a curriculum that’s based on foundational practices and art history, Little Art Connoisseur offers art lessons, workshops and courses designed to allow you to experience freedom in expressing yourself – be they a child or teenager or adult.

The details

Date: Valid till end of June 2018

Cost: 30% discount off ALL CHILDREN’s art classes and workshops

Address: Only valid at LAC’s studio at 333 Kreta Ayer Road #02-34 Singapore 080333

Note: You may use this discount on Children’s Art lessons for all ages starting from 2.5 – 4 years, 5 & 6 years, 7 – 9 years, 10 -12 years as well as 13 – 16 year olds. The art disciplines include acrylic painting, drawing, water colour and brush lettering.


#7 Little Artducated @ Tampines West CC

“The Smartest Giant in Town” by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler will be the manuscript where parents with children from age 3 to 8 years will learn to express themselves artistically in this Story-telling inspired Art & Craft Workshop combining music & movement & circle time for both mummies, daddies and kids! It will be a multi-sensory experience. A reviewer on Goodreads sums up the book thus, “It’s an adorable tale of a giant who longs to be the spiffiest giant in town…he buys some spiffy new giant clothes and turns out he soon meets all sorts of animals in distress and needing his help!”

The details

Date: 3 June 2018 (11 am – 12.30 pm)

Cost: $35.00 (PA members) or $45.00 (Non-members/members of the Public)

Address: Tampines West Community Club 5 Tampines West Avenue 3, Singapore 529705 

Note: Parents with children of ages 3 to 8 years


#8 More Than Grades @ 1 Brooke Road

More Than Grades

An education at More Than Grades provides academic coaching, life skills training, as well as career coaching and guidance to students. Catering for students from P5 to Junior College, educators at More Than Grades believe that real education is split into 2 components. Namely the right mindset and skills, PLUS good academic coaching.

Introducing a FREE (we kid you not!) The Future of Education Workshop for the June school holidays, where participants – both parents with their children – will get to learn about, appreciate, and adapt to the changes which are taking place in education, and allow the student to prepare for a future world economy.

Another specially-designed and curated programme entitled Studying Smart by Using Your Whole Brain, helps students to understand how your brain works and helps students to learn how to make use of both the left and right sides of the brain while studying. Learn useful memory and studying skills that are applicable right up to tertiary levels.

The details

All workshops to be held at 1 Brooke Road, #B1-31 (Katong Plaza), Singapore 429979.

  1. The Future of Education Workshop

Date: 3rd and 10th June (4PM to 6PM)

Cost: Free

Note: For parents and children, child has to be at least 10 years old (primary 4).


  1. Studying Smart by Using Your Whole Brain

Date: 1st and 8th June (1PM to 3PM)

Cost: $50 per student

Note: This workshop is open to students only.


#9 @ Clemenceau Ave. parent and child workshops

Heuristics may sound scary, but they don’t have to be!

Let Practicle’s experienced curriculum designers and teachers break them down into simple terms and help you and your P5 or P6 child conquer them! Join Practicle for 2 days and learn all the ins and outs about applying concepts and methods to solve complicated Math questions.

Your children will also be able to take Diagnostic Tests prior to this workshop which will help you learn better during class!

The details

Date: 9th and 16th June (9 am to 12 noon)

Cost: $240 for each pair of parent and child

Address: Training rooms @ 190 Clemenceau Avenue #02-31, Singapore Shopping Centre, Singapore 239924.

Note: This workshop is for parents with their primary 5 or 6 children. They must attend both sessions. Get a 20% discount if you bring a friend! For more information click below.


#10 Sakamoto @ Hougang

Boy participating in a Sakamoto Maths test

Have you heard of the Sakamoto Maths Method? But what is it actually? With this workshop, students will learn to master an easy approach to problem-solving for Math problems by learning the basic rules of the Sakamoto method and be clued in on how and when to use it.

Upon completion of this workshop, students will then be able to enroll in regular classes at Sakamoto, where they get to practice what they’ve learnt and continue to master Math problem sums.

The details

Date: 4, 5, 6 & 7 June (5 to 7 pm)

Cost: $140 and up (Free Sakamoto original ring file)

Address: Sakamoto Educational Systems 423 Hougang Avenue 6, Singapore 530423.

Note: The workshop is open to all P4 through P6 students throughout the May and June school holiday period. Check with us for the PSLE Workshops which  you can then attend upon completion of the introductory workshop.


#11 Words Worth @ Katong V

Teacher with students in Words Worth

At Words Worth, learning the English language is taught via a journey of discovery and questioning. The teachers encourage creativity and developing alternative views, as it believes the through the setting of enhancing their general knowledge will allow students to be better effective users of the English language.

At Words Worth, the dedicated teachers not only teach but also design the curriculum to ensure lessons are pitched at the right level and yet targeted, to address gaps in learning. For the May, June school holidays they have specially curated the following 2 programmes: Paper 1 & 2 Booster Bootcamp and ‘O’/ ‘N’ Level Oral Exam Preparation Workshop.

The details

All workshops to be held at 30 East Coast Road #02-17 Katong V, Singapore 428751.

  1. Paper 1 & 2 Booster Bootcamp

Date: 4th (10AM to 12PM) and 5th June (1PM to 3PM)

Cost: $300 per student

Note: This bootcamp is suitable for Secondary 1 to 5 students and comprises 4 session over 2 days (8 hours in total). Attendance for all sessions is compulsory.


2. ‘O’/ ‘N’ Level Oral Exam Preparation Workshop

Date: 11th (10AM to 12PM) and 12th June (10AM to 12Pm and 1PM to 2PM)

Cost: $200 per student

Note: This workshop is suitable for ‘O’ and ‘N’ Levels students.



And here it is: the World Cup 2018 Match Schedule for you die-hard fans. (Click on the graphic for the link!)



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