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Cognitive Connections, Educational Therapy

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Jennifer Lee

Intervention and Remedial Centre - Specialising in Dyslexia, Math Anxiety, learning disabilities, specific language impairment and handwriting.

Cognitive Connections provides intervention to children with specific learning disabilities through hands-on learning of concepts and alternatives to worksheet-based tuition.

Students overcome reading and mathematics problems through metacognitive strategies, and social and behavioural problems through small group or one-on-one sessions. Our founders have been helping children with additional needs from Singapore and International schools for at least 15 years each.

Sessions may be paired or shared with up to 3 students for maximum opportunities in expression and sharing of ideas and strategies especially for creative writing and mathematics.

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Course Name Rate Per Session Rate Per Month Rate Per Term Schedule Docs Enquiry
Barton Reading and Spelling Program for Primary 1 - 6 (Individual) An Orton-Gillingham influenced multi-sensory & intensive intervention for struggling readers.

> Rates based on per hour.
120 0 0 5 0
Mathematics Intervention for Kindergarten - Secondary 4 (Individual) Hands-on learning that deepens understanding through using manipulatives and teacher-guided activities.
Our teachers constantly make assessments through observing students work with material and games.
> Rates based on per hour.
120 0 0 4 0

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