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Alex Tiew


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Alex Tiew

Featured on The Straits Times for the topic on 'Tough' 2019 PSLE math paper: 5 challenging questions over the years (Question 5) Full-time Tutor, timing is thus very negotiable (11 Years Experience) Mathematics Tuition: NTU Maths Graduate Offering Primary And Secondary Tuition (did up a short introduction in a video, contact me to view it) Providing 1 on 1 Maths tuition, from Primary 4 to Secondary 5 level A true example of one who was so weak at Maths when he was younger to slowly becoming better and eventually completing a Mathematics degree at Nanyang Technological University, I know how it feel to actually be 'bad' in Maths. I hope to be able to motivate and encourage you; being weak now does not mean you are going to be weak forever! Will travel to students' place or any neutral venue; very devoted and committed towards students; accepts queries from students outside of lessons time so that they do not have to wait till the next lesson to seek help. In addition to local students, I had tutored quite a number of international students; I am able to teach each individual differently, each catered to their specific needs.


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subject Level Qualification Experience Rate Per Session Rate Per Month ONLINE RATE PER SESSION Can travel Map
Secondary - Lower Bachelor 2009 1 N.A. - Anywhere
Primary - Upper Bachelor 2009 1 N.A. - Anywhere
Elementary Mathematics
All levels Bachelor 2009 120 480 - Anywhere

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