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Andrew Teo


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Andrew Teo

Hi, I've been in the creative industry for the past 5 years. Currently a full-time creative executive. I have certification as an Adobe associate and a certificate of sculpture from NAFA. As a certified Personal Trainer, I have been training my clients for the past three years. Providing a suitable and sustainable training program and diet plan tailor-made to the need and requirements of each of my clients.

Subjects Offered

subject Level Qualification Experience Rate Per Session Rate Per Month Can travel Map Schedule
Fitness Training All levels Certified 2015 80 80 Up to 99.999 km
Adobe Photoshop All levels Certified 2015 70 70 Up to 10 km
Sculpting All levels Certified 2016 80 80 Up to 99.999 km
Graphic Design All levels Certified 2013 80 80 Up to 99.999 km
Adobe Illustrator All levels Certified 2015 80 80 Anywhere
Photography All levels Bachelor 2016 90 3,500 Anywhere

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