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Calvin Ng


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Calvin Ng

• Senior Trainer • Former Commando 3rd Coy 1996 • Certified Personal/Group Exercise Trainer • WAKO Kickboxing Trainer • TACFIT Field Instructor • Clubbells Instructor • RGSI Kettlebell Instructor • Taekwondo 4th Dan Black Belt • Pure Krav Maga Level 4 Instructor • SFATC Certified First Aider • Certified Kinesio Taping Therapist Calvin is a role model to many, by day – a financial services professional, father of 3 – (Tacfit does wonders), and in his spare time places emphasis on his passion – teaching TKD to kids and a dedicated fitness instructor. He believes that a healthy body and mind is the start to many beautiful benefits in life. As you can tell, he doesn’t make excuses like ‘no-time’ for training. Like many corporate individuals, gym membership was the way to regular exercising; and of course looking good. Calvin developed a right shoulder injury (rhomboid impingement) due to poor structure and excessive weights. While recuperating, he was invited to participate in Tacfit certification in October 2012 by a friend but was disappointed it never came to Singapore then. He started researching what Tacfit was about and was blown away by the extensiveness of fitness coverage from mobility to compensation. Calvin started with Israeli Challenge (EMOTM) protocol and in 2 weeks of daily practice, felt stronger and less breathless. More importantly, his injured shoulder didn’t feel the pain. Today, Calvin is a certified Tacfit and Clubbells instructor because of his mentor and buddy Kevin Koh (and of course Scott Sonnon & Alberto Gallazzi).

Subjects Offered

subject Level Qualification Experience Rate Per Session Rate Per Month ONLINE RATE PER SESSION Can travel Map
Fitness Training
All levels Certified 2013 30 N.A. - Up to 0.002 km
Martial Arts: Taekwondo
All levels Master 1998 120 N.A. - Up to 0 km
Martial Arts: Kickboxing
All levels Certified 2013 30 N.A. - Up to 0.002 km
Martial Arts: Boxing
All levels Certified 2016 30 N.A. - Up to 0.002 km
Life Coaching: Self-Defense
All levels Certified 1998 90 600 - Up to 5 km

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Patient and attentive Instructor. Highly recommended even for a beginner as all steps and routine are carefully crafted and closely guided throughout session. This is a guy who knows his stuffs! Thank