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Cheong Nian Kai


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Cheong Nian Kai

I am Nian Kai, an A Level graduate who has just ORD from army, with a passion in the Sciences. I have taught primary school students Math and Science before, and have taught Secondary Three Chemistry. Currently tutoring for A levels. I have received multiple scholarships and awards relating to the sciences, academia, and community work. I am passionate about helping students improve and will do my best to help him/her succeed. My teaching times are flexible. Do contact me for more information :) Some of my achievements (related to Biology/Chemistry) include: International Biomedical Challenge 2013 (Silver Medallist), Singapore Biomedical Challenge 2012 (Bronze Medallist), Singapore Biology Olympiad 2013 (Merit Award), Raffles Academy for Biology (2011 – 2014) - class for top 20 Biology students in level

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subject Level Qualification Experience Rate Per Session Rate Per Month Can travel Map Schedule
Biology JC / CI / IB Pre-University 2016 120 480 Anywhere
Chemistry JC / CI / IB Pre-University 2016 120 480 Anywhere
Mathematics JC / CI / IB Pre-University 2016 120 480 Anywhere

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