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I am a dedicated Swim coach (ASCTA B&T, SAT, STI, JL, LS123 and Personal Fitness Trainer (pregnancy, post Partum, pre existing back injury and back pains, hiit & more). 👋🏻 😊 What brings me joy as a trainer/coach all this time? Seeing growth in each individual person, hearing from them that they feel stronger, and understand that fitness isn’t about hating your body, it’s about understanding it, loving it, and life improvement! I’m a local, who is passionate about fitness and people, creativity, empowerment through self effiency and building support systems. SWIMMING in condos/EC/private property only (Ages 3months to adulthood) Breakdown: 40/pax/class for 1:1 back to back 30mins lesson. 50/pax/class for 1:1 30mins lesson. 70/pax/class for 1:1 45mins lesson Personal: 1🏊‍♂️: 280/4 lessons a month. Group: 2🏊‍♂️: 160/pax/4 lessons a month. (Adults: 60mins) 3🏊‍♂️: 120/pax/4 lessons a month. (Adults: 60mins) 4🏊‍♂️: 100/pax/4 lessons a month. (Adults: 60mins) For Babies-Kids: 30-60mins classes are suggested depending on age, for their safety, so please answer the questions necessary - to have accurate info :) FITNESS GROUPS (45-50mins/class) Max 10 pax. Min 4 pax for ability to be able to monitor and give efficient workout corrections and stretching help. 1st trial class free to attend 15/class & 60/4 classes PERSONAL FITNESS TRAINING (55-65mins/class) 190/3 trial package (1 session for postural check, tests and measurements, 2 sessions customised workouts) 80x4/month peak hours pregnant/post partum 90x4/month peak hours for all Other personal fitness training services to be discussed if applicable Couple/buddy training. Split training. Also habit and nutritional coach - contact if in need of services

Subjects Offered

subject Level Qualification Experience Rate Per Session Rate Per Month ONLINE RATE PER SESSION Can travel Map
Fitness Training
All levels Certified 2010 90 360 - Anywhere
Group Fitness Training
Not Applicable Certified 2017 15 48 - Up to 0 km
Food And Nutrition
All levels Certified 2017 45 180 - Anywhere
Sports: Swimming
All levels Certified 2018 70 280 - Anywhere
Sports: Swimming
Certified Certified 2018 40 160 - Up to 0 km
Sports: Swimming
Certified Certified 2018 50 200 - Anywhere

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I learnt alot about the portions i can eat and the different kinds of protein, carbo and vege. Definitely have also raised more awareness of the food i take. And i have been trying to increase my wate