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Eunice Leow


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Eunice Leow

I am a MOE-trained Physics and English teacher. After 8 years in the field, including 3 years in Pathlight School on secondment, I decided to pursue my interest in Yoga and is now a certified yoga instructor as well. I'm friendly, approachable but decidedly firm when necessary. I believe in helping my students to maximise their potential in a mindful positive way.


Subjects Offered

subject Level Qualification Experience Rate Per Session Rate Per Month Can travel Map Schedule
Pure Physics Secondary - Upper Master 2011 100 400 Anywhere
Physics Secondary - Upper Master 2010 80 320 Anywhere
English Secondary - Lower Master 2011 70 280 Anywhere
Special Needs: Autism Secondary - Upper Certified 2013 90 360 Anywhere
Fitness: Yoga All levels Certified 2017 50 200 Anywhere
Science Secondary - Lower Master 2011 80 320 Anywhere

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