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One of my students failed from P1 to P5 but after 1 year of tutoring with me, he passed his P.S.L.E. I have a registered enrichment curriculum with The Ministry of Education, Singapore that uses enrichment and project-based learning, games; play to learn methods and student centered learning to tutor/coach students to overcome their academic obstacles and hit their objectives, realistically. I was the Principal of Impresario Arts School and I taught students aged 4 to 12 years old primary English, Maths and Science and other skills such as self awareness, confidence and public speaking. All my lesson plans are custom designed for each student so that each student will get what’s best for them and I can work with parents to make the lessons even more effective. I do not have a get smart quick scheme nor will I give you instant results although personally, I have seen students improved after their first contact with me, but what I can really promise You, is that I will sincerely look into the students strengths and weaknesses and use it for their benefit….plus I have an arsenal of science and brain based technologies including my own tricks that I can pull out and deploy to bring success to your child! My slogan is Engage, Entertain and Educate but there must be correct chemistry. After the first few trial classes, the student, the parent or myself, can choose to continue or stop because most importantly, 1) I must be able to teach the student, 2) The student is willing to learn from me and 3) The parents are cool with the lessons and my style. I am trying to be as innovative as possible in creating the proper learning environment for your child because different students react differently to different environments such as online/virtual learning; using webcams. This is a possibly the future of tuition and maybe if your child needs small group tuition with his friends then we could even book a room at the community centre. Who am I? Hi there, my name is Shaik Ismail aka mc shake and I have spent close to 30 years in the professional events arena and over 10 years in researching and developing education so that I will learn how to teach better, use techniques that makes learning easier, more effective and most importantly, embedded knowledge will be the end result. I plan my lessons similar to a show or an entertainment program, and that is why I obtained a Distinction Diploma in Drama in Education (21st Century Teaching Skills (99% for 2 papers and 100% for 5 papers). Students need lessons that are exciting enough so that they listen and lesson activities must be well planned so that the knowledge is embedded. “Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school” Albert Einstein Let me try and illustrate the above quote; you open your exam papers and you start to remember what you memorized or would you rather open the paper and start writing because you don’t need to look, its there, you just need to apply prior kno

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subject Level Qualification Experience Rate Per Session Rate Per Month Can travel Map Schedule
English Primary - Lower Pre-University 2012 25 N.A. Up to 5 km
Mathematics Primary - Lower Certified 2012 25 N.A. Up to 5 km
Science Primary - Lower Certified 2012 25 N.A. Up to 5 km
Public Speaking All levels Certified 2012 25 N.A. Up to 5 km
English Primary - Upper Pre-University 2012 25 N.A. Up to 5 km

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