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With my passion for human behavior and emphasis on making people better at people skills, I am going to start my Ph.D in Organizational Psychology in SMU here in Singapore in August 2019 and have been working as a freelance life coach/mentor. If you are looking for an informal mentoring coach for reflecting on and discussing your life, be it around time management, stress or relationship management at home and work; hit me up and we can try to dig deeper into what might be the potential issues. You would see yourself solving your problems with a little ‘sounding board’ guidance from me. You could do the same with one of your friends or relatives but having a frank discussion without getting emotions involved becomes quite difficult when personal relationships get involved. Try me for one or two sessions and continue with me if it works for you! With a GMAT score was a 740 with a 93 percentile in Verbal and GRE of 323, I am also seeking engagements as an admissions consultant for MBA and PhD counseling and to offer consulting sessions for students preparing for GRE or GMAT. I currently work full time and would be doing such assignments in out of office hours.

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Life Coaching: Personal All levels Not Applicable 2016 150 N.A. Up to 1 km
Public Speaking All levels Not Applicable 2017 120 N.A. Up to 1 km

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