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Pearlyn C


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Pearlyn C

I am currently an undergraduate in NUS FASS. I have about a year's worth of experience in tutoring and hence am reasonably familiar with the current syllabus (esp. for secondary and JC). I have worked part-time at a day care as a teachers assistant in teaching kindergarten - primary school kids English, hence I am able to work well with primary school children as well. I am patient and willing to commit to helping my tutees even outside lesson timings :)

Subjects Offered

subject Level Qualification Experience Rate Per Session Rate Per Month Can travel Map Schedule
English Primary - Lower Undergraduate 2017 25 100 Anywhere
H1 Mathematics JC / CI / IB Undergraduate 2017 45 250 Anywhere
Economics JC / CI / IB Undergraduate 2017 45 250 Anywhere
Elementary Mathematics Secondary - Lower Undergraduate 2017 30 150 Anywhere
Elementary Mathematics Secondary - Upper Undergraduate 2018 35 200 Anywhere
English Primary - Upper Undergraduate 2018 25 100 Anywhere

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