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Rachel C


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Rachel C

I have passion and patience to teach children with special need. I believe slow and steady win the race. Previously volunteer as classroom assistant in vwo EIPIC/ SPED school and organising/ planning learning fun activities for the children with autism. I prepared many educational cards, PEC, teaching materials to engage them in learning. I have experience shadowing in preschool setting. Dedicated to support children with special need in their personal growth Currently pursuing a Diploma in Education (Special Need) I’d like to help student with special need to improve their skills that better equip them towards independent life.


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subject Level Qualification Experience Rate Per Session Rate Per Month Can travel Map Schedule
Special Needs: Autism Primary - Lower No Preference 2013 40 N.A. Anywhere
Special Needs: ADHD Primary - Lower No Preference 2013 40 N.A. Anywhere
Mathematics Primary - Lower No Preference 2013 30 N.A. Up to 2.5 km

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