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Sally Tang


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Sally Tang

I am very familiar with the secondary school English and English Literature syllables, having been with MOE from Jan 2010- Dec 2014. I have taught both Express and Normal streams in the lower and upper secondary levels. I am passionate about the English language and have decided to step out as a full-time tutor so I can give my full attention to motivated students. Learning is a partnership effort between the student and the teacher. Have you heard the saying, "Don't study hard, study smart?" In my opinion, one should study hard and smart. As a school teacher, I've seen students studying hard but not getting the results they desire. It is difficult to get personal attention and direction from a teacher in a class of 40. However, progress can be accelerated if the teacher is able to give her full attention to her student 2 hours every week, in addition to tailoring the class specifically to the student's strengths. As long as the student is conscientious, I can guarantee results within 6 months to a year with my teaching methods.

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English Secondary - Lower Bachelor 2011 100 400 Anywhere
English Secondary - Upper Bachelor 2011 120 480 Anywhere

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