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Tan Sebastian


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Tan Sebastian

Name: Tan Yong Pin Sebastian Age:22 Address: Lor Ah Soo Blk 143 #12-219 S**** Gender: M Race: Chinese Contact Number: **** Email: **** Highest Qualification: A levels, currently an undergraduate studying Accoutancy and Business (Double Degree) at NTU. Relevant results: Statistics Module (AB1202) : A A levels H1 Math A O levels E Math A1 School Attended: Serangoon Junior College Tutoring Experience: 3 years Brief Description of Experience: Would prepare notes/teaching materials for every lesson on a topic that I feel the student is weak in and focus on it. For stronger students, I would craft my own questions to stretch and value-add their knowledge on that topic/subject. When students do well, I would reward them with small gifts to encourage them to to better. To keep parents in the loop about their child's progress, I will send a review to them after every major examination. In addition, I was featured on Tueetor ( and Acetutor (****&page=4) as a tutor on their blogs as well. Students generally show improvement in their results after 3 months with me. Testimonies available upon request. Current Occupation: Full time University Student Preferred time slot and available timings: Can discuss

Subjects Offered

subject Level Qualification Experience Rate Per Session Rate Per Month Can travel Map Schedule
Economics JC / CI / IB Undergraduate 2015 50 400 Anywhere
Elementary Mathematics Secondary - Lower Undergraduate 2015 35 280 Anywhere
Elementary Mathematics Secondary - Upper Undergraduate 2015 35 280 Anywhere
Mathematics Primary - Lower Undergraduate 2015 30 240 Anywhere
Mathematics Primary - Upper Undergraduate 2015 30 240 Anywhere
Science Primary - Lower Undergraduate 2015 30 240 Anywhere
Science Primary - Upper Undergraduate 2015 30 240 Anywhere

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