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In under 10 words: “Tueetor™ is the quintessential course broker - minus the broker”.

And, it’s a world’s first.

Wait, did you really keep count?

Tueetor’s proprietary, heuristic-mapping technology automatically matches you with a tutor or student based on criteria such as Subject, Level, Qualification, Experience and Budget/Rate. It then provides you with information of suitable candidates, and you decide what to do next.

As a tutor or trainer, there are no repeated documents to submit, long review processes to follow, unreasonable expectations to meet – rate, schedule and subject. You have full control of who, what, when and where you wish to teach. No middleman, no referral fees.

As a hirer, you get to communicate with the tutor directly and in a mode you feel most comfortable with. No one-sided “market rates”, terms and conditions to put up with, and no one is there to rush you into a decision. You have absolute freedom in hiring – who, when, where and how. No waiting time, instant confirmation.


“To provide a platform where learners could engage honest, caring and competent trainers, and such learned, skilled individuals may reciprocate – fast, easy and direct.” 

So in many ways, Tueetor is more than just tuition. If you have subjects other than academic to learn or offer: language, sports, arts, music, dance, special needs – anything – simply sign up, add a subject, and our 24x7, fully automated system will update you with the outcome immediately after. All under 2 minutes.

And yes, absolutely free.

Just browsing? Check out “Find Now” – a power search engine that helps you pinpoints (literally) the whereabouts of the tutors and students available in your area, instantly.

So, have we sufficiently piqued your interest? Sign up and start posting your subjects today!