The Tueetor Advantage

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Whether you are a learner or a trainer, you will find your experience with Tueetor™ - a fast, honest and  direct one. Yes, the  great savings too. Here are some key benefits:


As a Learner


As a Trainer

  • No middleman: no waiting time.
  • No unreasonable, "market" rate to abide by - you pay what you and your trainer feel, is just.
  • 100%-authenticated and audited reviews submitted by genuine learner - not sugarcoated by any broker - so that you know exactly who you are hiring.
  • Compare as many trainer-candidates as you like, before you decide: from rates to ratings; qualifications vs. experience vs. location - all the information, right at your fingertip.
  • Interview your perspective trainer direct. Besides, who knows your requirements better than, you?
  • Decide whom to hire, when to hire - all your comfort. No one is there to pressure you.
  • Unlike commercially-ran classes, there are no rigid schedules to follow, no repeated, enrolment-related fees, contractual deposits to pay and keep track of - or risk losing them. And the health issues commonly associated with larges classes.
  • No middleman: no referral fee.
  • No unreasonable, "market" rate to abide by - you charge what you and your hirer feel, is just.
  • Building a professional trainer career is now possible with genuine student reviewing, rating you for your good work.
  • Say goodbye to tedious and repeated certificate, document submission to agencies. No more interviews, long review processes. No waiting time.
  • Communicate with the student and/or parent direct. Understand their requirements firsthand - unedited.
  • Post as many subjects as you like and as many schedules as you like - when to start, when to stop. No one to report to or worst: ask permission from. You have full control of your work (and life).