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  1. Is Tueetor™  free? I mean, really FREE: 100%, no hidden cost, no in-app purchases, no ads and thousands of other things I don't need.

    That is a big YES. You enjoy 100% of the functionalities the moment you are registered – absolutely no added conditions. All Tutor accounts also come with a free, 1-month T.Pak™ subscription, designed to help tutors find, engage and manage students better.

  2. Is there a need to register? I can see student and tutor pins on the map. I can narrow my search from Find Now. Why do I still need an account?

    The user experience is vastly difference between a registered user and a guest. Every time a user signs in, it allows Tueetor™ to examine his or her subject profile, and offer a slew of functions that complete his or her Tueetor™ experience. Here are some examples:

      Registered Guest
    Search Using Find Now
    Add/Edit Subjects
    MatchPin (?)
    Message Student/Tutor
    My Account Management
    My Calendar Administration
    My Messages Administration
    My Reviews Administration (Tutor only)
    Receive Messages from Interested Students/Tutors
    Receive Notifications on Matching Students/Tutors
    Request for Review (Tutor only)

  3. How long do I have to wait to get a tutor or student after submitting my requirements online?

    In most cases, it's within... the next 10 seconds? As soon as a subject is added/updated on our 24x7 portal, Tueetor™ earnestly searches the database for a match, and present the total results in the form of an email, to you, in less than 10 seconds. Now, that's fast.

  4. How secure is my information with you?

    All information submitted are stored online and protected by industrial strength encryption technology, to ensure that only the intended parties have access to them.

  5. Where are the lessons conducted? Is there a fixed rule?

    That is entirely up to you. When you create a subject on Tueetor™, be very specific on where you want the lesson to take place – only at a particular location, within a fixed distance from that location, or anywhere. By rule of thumb, the more flexible you are, the easier it would be to get the student or tutor of your choice.

  6. Why is Tueetor™ not showing my current location on some mobile devices and operating systems?

    Be sure to turn on location access on your smartphone and smart devices before using Tueetor™. Depending on the mobile operating system, it's generally found under Settings > Location, Location services or Location reporting. Mac OS for example, also requires you to "Enable Location Services", found under System Preferences > Security and Privacy > Privacy.

Role Specific Questions: Tutor

  1. Upon confirming an assignment through Tueetor™, don't I need to pay you a commission? Really?

    Not-a-single-cent. Guaranteed.

  2. If it's absolutely free, how do you fund Tueetor™'s operation?

    The answer: T.Pak™ subscription. While tutors could pretty much get on with their business on Tueetor™ after the complimentary subscription, we hope they would love it, renew it, and continue to enjoy the full, turbo-charged experience. T.Pak™'s features such as MatchPin, targeted notifications and review system provide greater visibility, exposure and manageability. They also allow tutor to build a credible, sustainable teaching career on Tueetor™. And we will continue to improve on this feature set.

  3. Do I need to submit my certificate or proof of certification to you? It's sensitive.

    At Tueetor™, we provide information for tutors and students to make informed choices. And we respect your privacy while doing so. After all, it's the relationship between you and your hirer that matters after that, so you owe it to yourself to be outright honest and forthcoming with your credentials – right from the start. You will be required to present these certificates eventually, so just make sure that you are really who you claimed to be. Besides, with our thoroughbred review system, there is nothing you could possibly exaggerate (or hide), for long.

  4. Do I get to decide on the frequency and time of lesson?

    Better – you decide on when to start and stop too. Unlike a relationship with a conventional tuition agency that dictates your teaching schedule on many levels, Tueetor™ allows you to decide what subject to teach, what rate to charge, when to commence (and when to take a break). There is no penalty if you can't keep up, and we don't dock your pay for the 1st month either. In fact, there is nothing you need pay us. You are in full control of your work, and life.

  5. What minimum qualification must I possess to become your tutor/trainer?

    The truth is, one should not be measured by his or her overall qualification, but mastery in a particular subject – the subject he or she is offering on Tueetor™. This is especially so for non-academic subjects. Therefore, just submit your detailed subject offering and let your hirer be the judge.

  6. I don't seem to be getting as many hirers or positive feedback score compared to some Tueetor™ tutors I know, despite having same, if not higher qualifications. Why is that so?

    There could be many reasons – reasons unrelated to your teaching abilities. Try going through our 7 Habits of Highly Employable Tutors to get some tips.

  7. I will not be available for the next few weeks to accept any more assignment, do I remove all my subject offers?

    The easier way would be: go to the subjects and un-click the "Active" box. That way, the subjects will be hidden from view.

Role Specific Questions: Student

  1. How do I know if a tutor is credible? I do not know him or her beyond the star rating and feedback I see. At least the tutor agencies screen their candidates.

    Think about it: Are the opinions by fellow, genuine students and parents more credible and meaningful to you, or the ones from for-profit, business organisations? And not to mention, based on a set of predefined and sometimes, self-serving criteria?

    According to a telephone poll conducted by Tueetor™ in February 2015: 100% of the 55 tuition agencies we have interviewed, admitted that they have never met their tutor-candidates prior to recommending them to their clients. All eligibility, background checks were done either through phone or email – something even you could do, and do better. 

    All tutors on Tueetor™ are required to build up their rating scores over time. This is done by inviting their past and current students to review them on their teaching performance. And only authenticated students may do so. Tueetor™ conducts regular checks too. A certification program (TueetorTrust™) will also be in place soon. 

    Now, that's credibility.