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Top Article: 3 Must Dos To Get You Started On Tueetor™ After Registration

    STEP 1 >> Complete Profile


    After you have successfully signed up and activated a Tueetor account, complete your registration, paying particular attention to the "About Me" portion. It provides users an opportunity to know you better, especially when you are a tutor.

    STEP 2 >> Add Subject


    Perhaps the most frequent task you will be performing on Tueetor, adding a subject simply tells us what you need.

    Specifically, it allows Tueetor to,

    • email you whenever there is a match.
    • create a pin on our map so that perspective users may find you. This pin is called Subject Pin - 1 per subject: "S" belonging to students and "T" belonging to tutors.
    • include you when a user performs a search.

    Remember to tick the "Active" box when you are done. This makes your Subject Pin visible to everyone. To hide it, simply un-tick.

    STEP 3 >> Create Review (for Tutors only)

    Tueetor Experience

    Now that you are visible in the Tueetor ecosystem - get trusted. Tueetor provides a feedback system that allows exceptional tutors to be recognized for their good work. Tutors with good review score increase their employability many folds.

    To build your very own, send the review request to students you have taught before or during Tueetor, using our built-in tool. For accountability and authenticity reasons, only users with valid Tueetor accounts may appraise a tutor. Tueetor also conducts regular checks.

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