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Partner with Tueetor

Together, let’s make education affordable and accessible.

"Tueetor™ lowers the cost and technology barriers involved in the broadcasting of one's educational needs and offers. In so doing, it aims to make education more accessible and affordable - academic, non-academic, special needs or otherwise. If you too identify with these objectives, partner with us."
- Tan Han Sing, Founder

We provide 3 levels of strategic partnership:

Tueetor™ Authorised Partner (TAP0)

Find Tueetor™ useful and wish to benefit your community the same?

We are inviting committed, likeminded individuals to bring Tueetor™ to their country or city. There are no steep learning curve to overcome, hefty startup costs to meet and complicated infrastructure to set up. Just tell us how Tueetor™ could make a difference to the education landscape in your area, and we will turn on the switch. Yes, it's that simple.

All we ask for in return is you live up to the values of Tueetor™, and serve your community well.

Our comprehensive partner program includes the transferring of all experience and technical know-how that enable you to immediately kick-start and maintain a successful operation. If necessary, we may also localize the portal for you.

As a Tueetor™ Authorised Partner, you shall also enjoy the same level of access to our trademark, patent systems; marketing, training materials and papers.

Tueetor™ Affiliate Partner (TAP1)

If you are a tuition agency, education centre, course provider, sports academy, special needs school or any other training operators that wish to use Tueetor™ to add value to your organization - profit or non-profit - this partnership is for you.

With a TAP1 account, you will be able to broadcast your services to a large and diverse community of Tueetor™ users.

Have an interesting assignment you wish to offer to our tutors? Want to recommend a good teacher to our students? Wish to jumpstart and grow your online presence? Contact us and start doing them today*!

* As Tueetor™ is designed for private and non-commercial use, signing up an end-user account and operating it otherwise, violates our Terms of Service. If you are an organization - for profit or not - a TAP0 or TAP1 account is your only gateway to accessing Tueetor™ services for commerce purposes.

Tueetor in Mobile application

Tueetor™ Alliance Partner (TAP2)

Want to increase your market presence while lower your client acquisition cost at the same time? Co-brand with Tueetor™.

Reach out to our wide-ranging user base spanning 500+ subject interests; across different region, age group, gender, education level, profession, and other demographics.

Whether you are a private or public organisation, for or non-profit, talk to us today and find out how you may instantly benefit from our TAP2 partnership program!