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Dr. Hideo Sakamoto, an experienced lecturer, founder of Sakamoto Seminar Co., Inc. Japan, has taught Mathematics to students in his school, Sakamoto Seminar, Osaka, for a quarter of a century using the Sakamoto Method he invented in Japan. Originated from Japan in 1975, the method is now being used in various countries including Japan and Singapore where primary Mathematics standard is among the world highest.

We provide an innovative programme using our highly acclaimed Sakamoto Maths Method that helps franchise centres to differentiate themselves from other tuition centres who are using the conventional method and teaching materials. An innovative method for problem-solving, it provides students with a simple yet systematic and structured technique to analyse questions in al logical way and solve the questions without any difficulty. Our worksheets are specially developed with an emphasis on problem-solving, understanding of concepts and applications and not rote learning.

It is an effective and powerful method for solving word problems of primary school Mathematics and is a thinking skill math programme.

Since our enrichment programme was approved by Ministry of Education, Singapore, in 1997, Sakamoto Maths classes have been conducted in some Asian countries like Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Korea, Philippines, and Vietnam.

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