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Top Piano Teacher in Singapore for All Ages

Having a daily or weekly routine can become boring and stressful if you do not have an outlet to manage the stress or boredom that comes with having a routine. Hobbies and leisure activities are effective ways to de-stress, improve well-being, and create work-life balance. Music and playing musical instruments are beneficial in improving mental and physical health, as shown in studies.

Playing the piano is one good example of a hobby or creative outlet that you or your child can take up. Engage a top piano teacher in Singapore through Tueetor's website or app. In less than 2 minutes, this fully automated, location-based, self-serve, 24x7 platform connects you with skilled teachers directly. No middle man or referral fees required which makes it perfect for busy people looking for a quick and easy way. Accessing Tueetor takes no time at all plus its unique mapping technology pairs up learners and trainers in a few clicks under 2 minutes. Tueetor makes starting a hobby and learning from an expert teacher a whole lot easier and at an affordable price. You even can negotiate the location, time, and cost of the lessons. At Tueetor, it is the goal of every trainer to provide a customised learning experience to match the learner's personal goals.

Benefits of piano lessons in Singapore

Health is wealth and that is why we are constantly on the lookout for ways to improve our lives. Aside from playing the piano as a hobby, here are some health benefits of piano lessons in Singapore:

1. Brain is stimulated

Studies have shown that music, in general, plays an important role in stimulating brain activity particularly in the addition of new neural connections which develop higher tiers in the brain which is beneficial to an individual's daily activities.

2. Enhanced concentration

When you play the piano, it requires the use of two hands, your eyes, and your feet for the pedals. In doing so, split concentration skills are sharpened and enhanced.

3. Stress is relieved

Playing the piano calms the mind and soothes the soul. It also helps in developing positivity and may even lower your blood pressure levels. Stress management is important to ensure mental health and overall well-being is maintained.

4. Improved vocabulary, language, and other classroom skills

Children learning to play the piano also learn new words and as their vocabulary skills increase, their reading skills naturally improve as well. Also, by developing a better awareness of sounds or as others call it 'musical ear', it becomes easier to understand the sound patterns of other foreign languages.

5. Growth hormones are stimulated and hand muscles are strengthened

According to studies, children who took piano lessons have increased levels of human growth hormones compared to those who have not. In addition, these growth hormones keep a person healthy, energetic, as well as avoiding pains associated with old age.

6. Mental strength is developed

Individuals who take piano lessons regularly receive feedback from their teachers. Exposure to being critiqued helps develop a positive attitude towards constructive criticism. This is especially helpful to young children in terms of strengthening mental health, managing depression, and developing important values that would be useful in many areas as they grow older such as schooling, work, health, and life in general.

Tueetor can help you find top-notch piano teachers to match your individual needs --- at the best location, time, and price. If you require any assistance with the use of our website or app, please call us at +6562066660.

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